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    Just for the record, I would like to let those of you who know what I’m on about know, that our team (Warwick Porto) are NOT a team of cheats!!!
    As a result of somebody elses ineptitude and failure to carry out the simple task of adding a couple of names to a list after a telephone call, (that incidentally can be proven by network records to have taken place), we were wrongly disqualified from the AT Supercup semi-final due to take place at TBF in August, for alledgedly fielding two unregistered anglers. We have since been rightfully reinstated, though I’m not sure an apology was offered for either the administrative error or the slight on our clubs name that has been caused as a result.
    Even better than all of that though, to save face and not have to man up and admit responsibility for the balls up, the AT have sent both the sides we knocked out in round 2 through to the semi-final as well, meaning for those of you who have also qualified on merit, you will now be competing against 16 other teams and not 14.
    Utter joke of a decision!!!
    We are NOT and NEVER have been cheats and I for one am deeply offended at having been accused of being so, also, I’m insulted at the fact that had we cheated, the AT thinks we are so unintelligent that we’d actually record unregistered anglers down under their own names, GET A GRIP!!!
    Once our sides run in this competition comes to a FAIR end, my team fishing days are well and truly over, I can no longer be doing with the two-faced, back stabbing that goes on, with me a spade is a spade and I can’t put up with people who run around bitching about folk behind their backs!!!
    Rant over, thanks for reading, have a nice evening, Wayne Price.

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    Every year you hear the same thing regarding the super cup…. You would think that they may just get it right one year…..

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    Indeed Mr T.
    The thing that got my goat most though was the fact that we found out about being disqualified through one of our opponents anglers speaking to one of ours, the AT never even bothered to pick up the phone and let us know first, even though telephone conversations between them and our captain had been taking place on the previous day or two before the decision was made, instead they apparently sent us a letter, which to my knowledge still hasn’t been delivered!!!

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    Nothing like a good rant to clear the custard mate.

    But giving up team fishing wont get you away from “two-faced, back stabbing”.

    If you want to get away from that then take up a solitary hobby, like photography, or hang guliding…

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    This is a absolute disgrace they should print a public apology in next weeks AT and make it quite clear to all were the mix up happened, this means that a team that was knocked out could go on to win, I think there’s only 1 thing you can do and that is to boycott the event .

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    I had actually suggested that to our captain on the phone earlier today sumo, he felt it would just be giving in to the snakes who have been doing the stirring and possibly even being suggestive of guilt on our part, guess he’s right.
    Don’t think we will be bothering to enter again, shame as we’ve been entering it for a good few years now and the concept is a very good one.

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    Very true Kagger, cross-stitch it is then! lol. 🙂

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    @fisher-price wrote:

    Very true Kagger, cross-stitch it is then! lol. 🙂

    Ya fingers are to fat for cross stitch… Heavy weight

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    Easy for you to say Taylor!
    I have no understanding of the proportions and sizes of the perfect digits required for the purpose of cross stitch mate, so I bow to your superior knowledge and expertise sir!!! 🙂

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    Hi Wayne.
    I have read your post and need to reply and to put my point regarding this matter.

    On the Sunday of the match, when the draw had been completed I checked both Alvechurch B’s team and that of Porto. At this time I noticed two of Portos team were not included on the team sheet supplied to me by the Angling Times. Whilst I was doing this Porto’s captain Chris Harrison said to me that these guys were registered before the first round match. Which I replied to Chris, thats fine, but I will check with Richard Grange at AT to be sure.

    On Monday I sent an email to Richard asking whether he had received notification that the teams have been ammended before the competition had begun, to which he said NO. But before he makes a decision he needs to speak to Porto’s skipper Chris Harrison.

    This is where the saga unfolds and becomes a huge mess.

    Richard then informs me, that Chris rang the office (which he has proven he did) but Richard or nobody from AT admits to taking the the call. So you can imagine that alarm bells are ringing.

    I have then been told by Richard that although they have no record of the change or anyone remembering that they took the call, they will still put Porto through as they can’t see that they would cheat.

    Both teams have then protested about this decision very strongly indeed. Then after several days of no correspondance Richard has then reversed his decision to disqualify Porto.

    This is when Porto have produced telephone records to provide that they did call AT.

    I would like to now to make a few points.

    Firstly – I have always stated that I was NOT accusing anybody of lying. The proof was provided, but the way it was obtained and managed was a complete joke.

    Secondly – We (Halesowen) were told by Richard Grange that as he changed his decision, he would put our team through to the semi and negelcted to even consider the result which would have put Alvechurch through.

    The rules for this competition need to be totally overhauled. For example………Changes to squads should be given in writing 7 days before a contest takes place, correct team sheets are then issued to all teams.

    All I have done is followed AT’s rules. It is the way they have mis-managed the whole problem is the farce.

    Halesowen AC

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    Thanks for the response Andy.
    To be honest, the AT can amend their rules until the cows come home, I for one will never enter the competition again, the way this oversight has been dealt with is nothing short of shambolic. I resent being called a cheat, even if it is by association, anyone who knows me knows, I would rather give something up having been a loser, than cheat to be a winner and I’m 100% sure the same can be said for my team mates.
    Whilst I do not blame you one bit for checking up on the validity of our anglers, I do feel had the right questions been asked in the week after the match, this whole awkward affair could’ve been avoided but as I understand, it’s the AT’s way to act first and ask later.
    What still narks me most though , is the fact it took one of the other sides anglers to tell us of our disqualification, as the AT seemingly couldn’t be a***d!
    As a club, we have a pretty long history of entering the supercup and have even made the final back when it was staged at the JCB complex, this though I fear, will mean the end of our supercup days. Life is way too short for all the b******t that goes with it now.

    Warwick Portobello Angling Club.

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    AT Supercup farce? For one I hope not, this is a great competition that, although taken more seriously than your average Sunday club match, still manages to maintain that air of club competition about it. But it seems that this competition for some has become a win at all costs deal!!
    To say I am not happy would be the understatement of all time. As the captain of Warwick Porto I have administered both the entry to this years competition and all subsequent duties on behalf of my team/club, for example booking venues and team amendments.
    Those of you that have followed this thread since my team mate Wayne Price posted his initial blog, will have a reasonable idea of what has occurred since our second round match. So for those of you who are interested and I feel any of the other 14 teams that have qualified for the Tunnel Barn Farm semi on the 10th August, should be, here are the facts.
    AT have made two errors, one of which was unfortunate but understandable. The second has resulted in them being backed into a corner by two teams that seem to have no scruples or respect for the essence of the competition and what it stands for.
    If you enter a competition on a knockout basis and get knocked out fair and square, where is the honor in trying to maintain your position in that competition on a technicality because someone has dropped a clanger. I cannot believe that the two teams in question have got the brass neck, now knowing the facts, to insist to AT that they should proceed to the semi-final. As I said AT backed into a corner to try to keep everyone happy. Tell me this, come the 15 team, sorry 17 team semi-final, what will happen if a team misses out on a final spot at Barston because they have lost one section point to one of the teams that have no right to be there? This is the question those teams that have qualified for the semi in the spirit of the competition should be considering!! Chris Harrison Warwick Porto.

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    the win at all costs mentality crept into this competition a long time ago,with top class open anglers trying to fish and some home teams picking a venue knowing over half the anglers would can see a steady decline in team numbers including the team i fished with who dropped this off there calendar a few years ago.its a shame really as it started as a great competition, maybe just a big trophy and the prestige of winning rather than a decent pot of cash would deter the pot hunters.

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    Chris – The rules for the AT Supercup clearly state that if a team fields ineligible anglers then they will be excluded from the competition.

    Fact 1
    The team lists were forwarded to me two weeks before our 2nd round meeting. Alvechurch B was correct, yours was not.

    Fact 2
    At no time whatsoever have Halesowen AC or Alvechurch backed AT into a corner. I have emails detailing all converstions between myself and Richard Grange of AT.

    Fact 3
    We were not expecting to go through to the semi finals In fact, we were waiting for details of the 1st round club who you had fished against so we could organise a 2nd round rematch.

    Fact 4
    These actions are solely that of AT and not of either Halesowen or Alvechurch.

    Fact 5
    Always ALWAYS make team changes via email as you then have written proof.

    Fact 6
    Halesowen AC will not be particapating in the semi final at TBF. This is because of the whole way this has been handled by AT, and the slanderous comments coming from people who know nothing of the facts or conversations that have taken place. This decision was taken over the weekend before I have read your post.

    Remember Chris at no stage have I ever called you or your team members liars. We have simply asked for proof that the changes were made.

    Andy Patchett
    Halesowen AC.

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    Hi Andy thought I would just reply to your post. Firstly I commend you and your team for your decision of withdrawing from the competition, I firmly believe this is the right thing for you to do. Secondly with regards the facts that your quoting. As you will recall when I spoke to you at the draw when you questioned the team sheets, I advised you that I had made the necessary amendments prior to the first round which I have since proven to be true. You obviously didn’t or couldn’t take this at face value and contacted Angling Times which is your perogative. However as I understsnd after learning the team sheets were indeed an error on AT’s part you did not volunteer to stand down from the competition. At the end of the day you can fluff things up as much as you like with regards rules. None were broken you and your team lost fair and square (3rd!) and belatedly you have made the right decision. Many thanks Chris Harrison Warwick Porto.

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    Before this gets long and protracted. Many of my team had the disappointment of being beaten in the final, by a team full of “ringers”. Hence why we as a team are very thorough in checking team names on a squad sheet.

    AT were the ones at fault hence why all 3 teams were put trough.

    But remember once bitten…………

    Wish you well on TBF.

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    looks like Alvechurch did all there talking by fishing there way to the final….justice looks well served to me….. 😀

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    I would agree and congratulate Alvechurch for both their individual and team performances at the weekend. However this does not change the fact that they are the only team now in the final having been beaten legitimately in round 2. Unlike their near neighbours Halesowen who were also beaten in the same three way second round tie, Alvechurch and their members have not shown the same respect for the competition by withdrawing as Halesowen commendably did. Far from it they kept their heads under the radar and carried on, and at the weekend denied a team a place in the final who should have been there. My team mate posted the initial AT Supercup farce! thread and I for one hoped he would be wrong sadly he wasn’t. Ron Taylor and your team all the best in the final you deserve it!!!!!

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    I agree Halesowen did the right thing in stepping down when discovered portabello side had done nothing wrong . Alvechurch had every right to question the team sheet of opposition but when they found out that there has been no wrong doing then out of respect for Portabello and other teams in competition they should have stood down as Halesowen did and not leave bitter taste in mouths of fellow competitors.

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    Morning Chris.
    As far as I am aware, each team in the competition can obtain a list of all anglers registered to compete, therefore they can check the anglers listed by opposing teams against this list on the day of a match. It would appear that the list provided to Halesowen A.C. for the second round, three way clash between themselves, Warwick Portobello and Alvechurch B, did not include the names of two of the Warwick teams anglers. The anglers however, had been registered by the Porto captain Chris Harrison, this has been categorically proven to have been the case, despite the angling times initial claims to the contrary. The angling times have since apologised for the clerical error on their part but unfortunately, rather than investigate thoroughly the claims of any wrong doing or cheating in the first place, before taking any action, they saw fit to disqualify us almost immediately and reinstate the two sides that we had beaten comfortably, in our round 2 tie at Barston lakes. Dismayed at this miscarriage of justice, our captain provided what can only be described as tight, legally acceptable proof that both the anglers in question had been registered, not prior to round 2 but actually before round 1, one of the guys even won the 1st round match individually. We were reinstated, however, this is the good bit, the two teams we had beaten in round 2 would join us in the semi-final, Halesowen chose not to take part though, once it had been proven that there was no wrong doing by the Porto side.
    Whilst I accept that certainly myself on a personal note and our side as a team did not perform well enough on saturday to progress to the final, I find it remarkable, that as a result of a cock up on the part of the AT, a team who have been eliminated once already in the competition, can win the semi and now find themselves in the final, with a chance to win the whole competition.
    I feel particularly sorry for the 6th placed team on the day, who otherwise would be in the final themselves.
    I do not count myself as a bitter person but as a somebody who was raised to believe that you reap what you sow and if you want it, you gotta earn it, this doesn’t sit well with me.
    What I also find remarkable is that many outsiders still seem to be of the opinion that our side cheated in some way and that we have got what we deserve, I vehemently deny this and we are actually still in possession of the letter of reinstatement that the AT sent us, claiming all responsibility for the error and apologising profusely, should anyone who wants to know the truth require a copy, I’m sure it can be arranged, for those of you who are happy with the other version of events, good luck to you!
    I have decided off the back of the unsavoury experience of WRONGLY being branded a cheat, that my team fishing days are over and quite possibly my open fishing days too.
    Good luck to ALL the teams who have made their way to the Barston final, just remember, enjoy it, it’s supposed to be club fishing!!!

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