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    Does anyone know if this is still on next week ?

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    It had better be as I’ve paid £45 to be able to fish it!

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    Was just about to ask the same thing. One snag our club has is that our nominated angler might not be able to fish, so I don’t know who to contact to arrange for a possible replacement. Not sure if the fishery is now looking after the event or Angling Times. At this late stage it must be going ahead. As far as I know our angler has not had any correspondance to say otherwise. Also a lot of people will have booked time off work and accomadation.
    Seems a bit odd at the minute.

    Tight lines.

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    Panic over, I have just had a e-mail confirming that the event is going ahead as planned. Draw time is 9.00, but you need to register by 8.30. The Northern Semi final is on the Tuesday and the Southern Shandy one is on the Wednesday with the Final being on the Thursday.

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    I’m going up on the monday and making a week of it, treat yourself and have a trip to topcliffe which is just up the road to have a look at the hoards of chub and barbel that sit there this time of year.

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