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    whats the best way to do this – what i’m doing at the mo is to cut a length of hydro in half to make it fit two top sets – so i have a length of hydro tied to a length of powergum threaded through a pullabung but when i am playing a carp i wrap the powergum round my hand + some of the hydro then when i have landed the fish, the power gum & elastic won’t retract back through the pullabung because of the knot joining the two so i have to pull the pullabung out & pull everything back through the bung there as to be a better way – cheers

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    i would think that this problem will occur if you attach the hydro to anything, its best to just use a full length of elastic

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    I don’t really see the need for a pull bung when you’re only using a half length of elastic?

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    Can’t you just pull the whole bung out instead of pulling the elastic through it ???

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    cheers – it looks likes a full length is the answer – will try it if theres no other way

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    Just a thought, haven’t tried it so don’t know if it would work, possibly not as the hydro decreases in diameter as it stretches.

    However, how about using one of those trout leader attachments on the elastic and loop to loop the power gum. It would need gluing throughout its length whereas on a fly line it doesn’t but worth a thought.

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    would using dacron work? i do it with normal winder bungs

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    I once tried using half lengths of hydro never again ! better to use a full length

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