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    had a match there on saturday pegs 1-30 get the draw sorted to be told we are now pegs 30-60 as he has doubled booked and its a cup match for the other lads, carp anglers on 32 ish which is never good, so 9 pound a ticket to be messed about no thanks i wont be back again and it fished hard for everyone

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    Very unusual Nigel is one of the nicest blokes i know unfortunately with this sort of popular fisheries mistakes can happen . I wouldn’t of thought Nigel was too happy about the double booking as for carp fisherman they are there most days. With the amount of fish in the lake feed is still eaten . Please don’t judge the fishery on one mistake give it another go i’m sure its just been a bad day all round . As for low weights it’s not surprising with the weather no fisheries are fishing there best at the minute 😉 😉 😉

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    Agree with Joff, I have met Nigel a few times and he is a propa chap!
    He helped me going back a good few years with advice on buying carp and his knowledge and advise was top draw.
    I would not give up after one trip mate.
    Try reminding him about the mistake, he may offer you a reduction next time? 🙂

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    As the others have said Nige wouldn’t have deliberately double booked and I’m sure would be concerned to hear of your complaint.

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    Ok, first of all when i arrived there were 12 lads from one club, and 1 from the other.
    I had the 12 lads on the high numbers, but hey told me they had requested the lower numbers for the super-cup match practice. I told them no problem, ill swap it over, the 1 guy on his own didn’t even know what pegs his club were on, i told him they were 1 to 30, but i was swapping them over, he then told every angler from the club as they arrived what i had done, i wish i hadn’t told him as that club didn’t know what pegs they were on.
    So, the pegs hadn’t been done, they didn’t have to re-do the pegs, and as for the carp anglers they left the pegs at 9am as they knew they could night fish those pegs till 9am when the matches arrive.
    And it wasn’t double booked, i just had 2 matches on, Sunday i had 3, some times i have more.
    Day tickets are £8,50, so you seem to have got all of your facts wrong!

    I am of good character, thankyou lads above who know me, i appologise for what happened, the first 10 pegs are not very good pegs anyway, so i thought i was doing your club a favor by moving you, and i gave you 30 pegs for your 20 anglers, 2 pegs miss one.

    I have been offended by you calling me and Barston a ‘joke’ and you have posted by a nickname, so i don’t even know who you are? Who are you please?
    I am Nigel Harrhy, proprietor, please feel free to contact me if you so wish,.

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    Hey up Nige, you can’t please them all. I have know you for a good few years now and you have always had anglers benefit at mind first. Your Christmas Cheer matches are ace and very well received and booked up. PM me your number as I at Barston in July and might meet up for a beer or two.


    Mike Herrington

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    Got to agree with all the support for Nigel and his fishery. It is one of the best venues around the country and I have been to quite a few, in fact I was there only a couple of weeks back and had two excellent days fishing, I didn’t see you Nigel but met your Brother Mark for the first time and spoke to your Dad. Mike, previous post and myself are coming down again in July hope to see you then. So anybody reading this, do not be put off the venue from the first post. Its a brilliant venue.

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    Barston is one of the very few such busy fisheries that I will fish, and Nigel has always been helpful with any questions I have asked.

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    with regards to it fished hard for everyone – nowhere is really fishing properly at the moment or is it just me… 😀 😀 😀

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    Its not just you Mike, I was catching more in April than I am now. That said April felt warmer!! We seem to be getting some really strong and cold winds just now and the fish seem confused. I went to work yesterday in a winter coat and came home in short sleeves and its June for goodness sake!!
    Hopefully things are settling down, the weather forecast looks ok well into next week
    Very generous of Nigel to give clubs spare pegs by the way, not many do that and room as we all know is usually good news.

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    nigel is one of the most approachable and decent fishery owners i have ever met with a great fish filled venue. 😀

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    Barston is one of only a few places which is very fair where you can compete either fishing the pole or feeder in matches nigel has done a cracking job to which could easily be a run of the mill attrached the calibre of angler that goes there must say something about nigel

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    Must say only meet the guy once and was very helpful and obliging when booking the venue and gave us some of the early pegs as a couple of members have got dodgy legs.
    and the biggest bonus is not a list as long as your arm of stupid rules saying you can not use this and that only these pellets this groundbait etc. etc.

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    Cheers Guys, i appropriate the good charterer reference you are giving me, lol.

    Yet this guy still hasent given me his name!
    Please tel me who you are, its not fair for you to slag me off and hide behind a nickname, if you wish to slag me off, at least tell m who you are?

    I run the lake as an angler, for anglers, i have the fewest rules in the country, i dont have net limits, bait limits, fishery pellets, i give matches 2 pegs miss one, and i refuse to take peg money if the lake has ice on it,.

    I moved your match onto better pegs trying to help you, and the other match that wanted the poorer pegs!
    how can i possibly be more helpful?

    Now, Who are you?

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    And, i run the Barston masters, and the UK angling championship, and will be paying out over 25 grand this year, 3rd biggest match organiser behind MMT and Fish o mania!

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    Nigel. 99% of us know you do your best for us anglers.

    You’ve made a great fishery which is fair for everybody. Surely, if the club had a problem last weekend should have said something at the time or at least contacted you privately, instead of bitching on here.

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    Feels a little unfair to post here about a concern / complaint about a fishery without having raised it with the owner……..

    To be fair to Barston I have only been twice and drawn the very low numbers twice and found it tough so I don’t think I’d be complaining about 2 miss 1 and higher peg numbers.

    There are plenty of fisherys starting to try to squeeze in club matches with every peg in around the north west and they may make a bob or two now but clubs will vote with their feet.

    Barston’s policy I like,,,,well said Nigel!

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    Apart from The Glebe. 314lb won on Tuesday.

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    think the author of this derogatory post – would to do well to amend or remove it?
    Its however, nice and pretty obvious to see how the 99% of other posters and Barston customers view this unfactual labelling of one of the UK’s most respecxt, and serial award winning fisheries and the peer respect for its owner, the wonderful Nigel.

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    WA – The weight of opinion in Barston and Nige’s favour says everything really, don’t you think?
    I had thought about the title of his post, just for the fact that after a single visit, it’s just incorrect.
    If Nigel wants it removing, or editing, either Geeps or I will do it (Nige, just let us know).
    Interesting to see that the thread starter has been very quiet and not added a single post since the original post don’t you think?.
    Back on the Barston bit, I went to watch match lads versus carp lads there a couple of years ago and it was a cracking viewing spectacle. Think the match lads won, but the carp lads were pulling fish out left, right and centre.

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    like i said we booked the pegs we wanted in advance fished it the week before we were moved to fit in someone else as for a reduction what was wrong with nigel saying that on the day. sorry lads messed up i will knock couple of quid off next match on a ticket i like the fishery i love catching silvers all i can say is i wont be fishing there again i cant speak for others i wont be messed about.

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    Barston is a cracking venue and Nigel is a top geezer that looks after you, can’t see the justification of your complaint :confused:

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    one point i will make regarding the barston masters, is that when there is 50 plus match anglers booked on the match it should only be match anglers on the day and sticking carp anglers on pegs that interfere with the match shouldn’t happen..As last round all the bottom end was taken up with carp anglers some of whom were there from the night before, so drawing down that end of the lake is a disadvantage.
    we have got rules in a match no spodding , firing boilies etc but they can be 2 pegs away doing exactly that and ruining your chances in the match.
    you pay your money to fish with match anglers and not to be interfered with by carpers.

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    Oh, so you have seen the thread and now replied, yet you still haven’t told me who you are, its not fair for you to come on here behind a nick name and attempt damage my business. I have staff here, 54 in total, and i have a successful business and you are attempting to damage it.
    I thank all the lads that have replied giving me good reference for what i have done after owning waters and running matches for 25 years.
    You say your not coming back anyway, so tell me who you are?

    Sorry Breamer, RE, Barston masters, i need 60 to close the lake, i have 124 pegs, and 60 is every other peg, if i get 40 or 50, i cant give them 124 pegs and turn away my regular carp anglers. It is good having one big lake for big matches, but not so good when you have a few carp anglers at the end spodding. It is a problem i hope we don’t get again this year, as i hope the rest of the Barston Masters sell out now ere into summer.

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    ONLY 54 staff 😮 know wonder your going grey i thought 34 was enough in two shops 😀 😀 😀 😀

    and i still can’t get out of working Saturdays must get down to your fishery again Nigel i love the place as you know 😉 😉 😉

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    Well you must get yourself over here Joff, in the summer when its at its best, ton weights of Bream last summer on corn!

    Just checked masters for week Saturday Breamer, and there is 39 booked on, i cant close 124 peg lake for 39 anglers. There will be carp abd pleasure anglers on the lake unless it gets to 60, sorry, but that’s how it is.

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    lets hope we get the 60 then, make it a good match

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    joff if you carnt do sat get on the 3 dayer 16th 18th june awesome skimmer fishing last year

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