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    Could competitors please register on

    We are trying to streamline operations and if we have you all in one place it is easier to contact you. The PM system is not going to be the easiest option!!


    Dave & Lee

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    Keep signing up please fellas…

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    ~clap ~clap ~clap

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    Guys I understand a few people have had issues signing up due to the non appearence of the @ symbol when adding your email address

    I have looked at this and feel the problem may be at the user might not of course but we can’t adjust the script 🙂

    firstly when you try to enter @ your probably getting ” instead,
    a quick workaround is shift and the number 2 button that should give you the @ symbol

    My guess is some of you guys have your keyboard set on English US and not English British

    if this is the case you can reset your keyboard to the correct country by following the indtructions below

    In Windows XP:

    1. Click the Start->Control Panel menu item.
    2. Click Date, Time, Language and Regional Options.
    3. Click Add Other Languages.
    4. Click the Details button.
    5. If the language you want isn’t in the list, use the Add button to add it.
    6. Click on a language you want to delete and click the Remove button to get rid of it. Repeat as necessary.

    In Windows Vista:

    1. Click the Start->Control Panel item.
    2. Under Clock, Language and Region, click Change Keyboards or other Input methods.
    3. Click the Change Keyboard button.
    4. Continue with Step 5, above.

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    Thanks Paul. Tooooo complicated for me mate ~think ~think ~think ~think

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    Clever Sod aint he lol

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    @animal wrote:

    Clever Sod aint he lol

    for a shandy drinker~think ~clap

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    paul just admit you were on the turkish shandy when you set it up

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    Why all the comments about my drinking habits

    I can drink with the best of ya, its the snake pipe we smoke over there that should be of concern 🙂

    anyway just get registered

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    As we will soon be moving into the season of halloween , The barston masters website are proud to offer this unique oportunity to get a profile picture of Paul law to keep on ur front door to scare the kids away~clap ~clap ~sick

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    Very harsh Lee………..~think

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    BTTT~clap ~clap ~clap

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    still waiting on some more names to join~think ~clap

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