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    I thought the company making this had gone bust but noticed some in the tackle shop recently under the Kamasan label.
    Is it the same and is it any good??
    Years ago it was the standard line for all my fishing in 1.1 and 1.7bs before all the high tech stuff came on the scene.

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    Don’t know about the Kamasan connection John??
    I still have a lot of the original stuff in my garage as I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away.

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    1.7 bayer ,Abu 506 reel, 1.1 hook length 13 Foot boron rod, standard Trent set up for chub and roach back it the day. Then the carp pools turned up.

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    Some of us never went to the carp puddles JohnH, and there is a very healthy match scene on the Trent with 60-70 peg sell outs on some venues.
    You don’t see the 506’s anymore (i retired mine about 5 years ago) but there are still those using Bayer.

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    Glad to hear the river scene is still thriving, our club used to have a coach to take us but latterly it was cars and high fuel costs that drove us local to the puddles.
    Seen the original bayer packaging since my post the stuff on eBay has a kamasan label.
    I thought Aitken the original distributor had a tie up with Ultima and the whole lot had gone into administration some time ago.
    Might give the running water ago again, is their anywhere you can recommend day ticket decent parking and not too long a walk?

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    For day ticket roach fishing parking behind your peg you could do a lot worse than pegs 18 to 28 on Newark Dyke.

    Crow trees, pegs 5 to 10 are 20lb+ pegs on the right day but you have to walk a 1/4 mile or so.

    If you are looking for Bayer Perlon then Drennan Float Fish is the same stuff

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    Thanks, I used to fish Newark Dyke years back. Are the pegs you mention to the left as you approach the bridge in Newark when travelling from Sheffield?
    If I recall there is a track you can drive down with the Dyke on your right.
    What methods are in vogue it was all stick and wag with mag latterly for me with the feeder also very good.

    I forgot another river problem was cars being broken into whilst fishing, a problem that became so bad all over, we had to pay someone to watch cars when we fished some venues like Worsborough res!!

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    No those pegs to the left are known as the Red Bridge section.
    You would not recognise it now – the warehouses and scrap yards have gone.It has gone up market with a marina, yupe flats etc.
    The river also flows much faster as the lock gate has been taken out at the bottom.
    It is good fishing, especially for bream and barbel, but not as peaceful due to the riverside walk – and you have to walk all the way down to get to the pegs.

    To get to the Dyke pegs follow the A46 towards Leicester and at the 1st roundabout take 3rd exit into Fosse Rd (towards East Stoke) and then 1st right into Long Lane (sign posted Farndon Marina) and follow all the way to the River – you will see Staythorpe power station straight ahead. When you get to the river turn right through the gate at peg 1.
    If you Google Farndon Marina then all should be clear from the map.
    The 1st dozen or so pegs will be full of multi rod barbel bivvy boys, but they do not usually stray as far as the late teens.

    If it is low and clear then wag and mag works or more recently pole and hemp. If there is colour and water on then the ground bait feeder works for both bream and barbel.

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    Thanks I will give it a go this summer.

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