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        Has anyone used and had success with these Berkley Glup Baits, got some to try on saturday but thought I would ask

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          A few of us got some free and run them next to normal baits….absolute rubbish in our eyes.

          Save yer money and either buy some fresh bait or even fish with frozen…you’ll at least catch!!!!!

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            Thought it was the case of catch the angler not the fish.

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              IMHO Just as good as natural fresh baits! I have blanked on both…..

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                Sorry Mono – but the stuff is crud – tried it – binned it.

                Can work as a moving lure – but no better than any conventional lure. Static, the stuff is useless ….

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                  You seem to have confused doggies with dogging 8o)

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                    The only time I’ve found it of any use, was to keep the spider crabs busy.

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                      Prior to its general release in the UK we got a carton full sent to us from the USA (freebie), in the carton was a mixture of different packs of Gulp … so we kept possibly 20 packs on the boat at anyone time, and used it at different times of the seasons to see if it was effective ….

                      And we both concluded it is the biggest load of Shei*e to have crossed the Atlantic. With regards to shei*e that has crossed the Atlantic in years going by, that’s no mean feat! … basically I would have more confidence fishing with a well used odour-eater.

                      The most remarkable catch Gulp will attain is from your wallet …. Luckily ours was free.

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