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    Need to get some new loaded wagglers can some one recommend a few. Not pellets wags .

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    Drennan. I pull the loaded weight out and super glue them back in, as I have known them come out in the past. Apart from that, there great!

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    Dino wagglers
    worth to have a look

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    Defo Drennan crystal tips, but as mentioned glue the base loading in and suggest also the tips, they fly out over your head on the flick.

    The quick change slider can move under the strike leaving the float out there, may as well glue this as well,

    Pity about the finishing touches isn’t it, given they do the job so well.?….. come on Drennan, great but just the little things…… almost like the sinking catty may need replacing …..soon !!!!

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    Perfect’s are just that, i use the ‘sensitive’ alot they are long, dead straight the tips the bases don’t fall apart and show lift bite really well. Available in two sizes 4 and 6grms leaving a BB for down the line.Walter Tamas straight wagglers are just as good as the Perfects but better in rougher conditions. The Ivan Marks 3BB Javelins were a great vintage float favourite for on the drop….Rose tinted glasses (1 )
    I nearly always glue tips and bases from Drennan’s to mega expensive Rive’s they all have come apart. Having seen a lot of continental float anglers they use lock tight on their big waggler bases and use sleeving to colour the tips black.The calrusso long leg anti-tangle attachment is excellent too.The Dino Carbon slider looks good if anybody wants to send me a sample ! Does anyone else other that me want a proper float box again rather than the adjustable plastic tubes…. Rose tinted glasses (2)

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