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    Looking to get a set of xxl flat pole rollers which are the best ?

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    After seeing quite a few on the bank I went and bought the maver.
    It’s now the only roller I carry instead of the three boss rollers I had before.
    So far in the year I’ve had it it’s performed faultlessly however it’s not without it’s niggles.
    The bag is made of rice paper and the stitched on handles start to unstitch the minute someone sneezes. Luckily they wrap round the bag and are still attached so could be re-sewn or glued back in place.
    The cam-lock system for locking the extending legs does not seem to grip as well as it should. So far it has had 14.5m in one shot over it and 16m in two lumps and has not yet lowered or anything. If I need any of the legs fully extende to cope with banks that drop away then I just have to be more careful in setting it up. One problem I can forsee is if I need it extending fully but bungeeing to a holdall or something secure as it may self-lower lol.
    Other than that it’s been ok and i’ve not heard of any other problems apart from the bags.

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    Keep an eye on the screws that attach the legs,a couple of mine pulled through the plastic.easy to fix though.the bags are a waste of space.

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    If you have the Milo or Maver ones make sure you araldite the feet in. I lost one of mine and the customer service trying to get another was truly terrible.
    I’ve had the Rive ones for a while now and although fiercely expensive they are good enough to justify the price tag.

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    ive used a few over the years ,had the xxl flat maver one since they came out at £49.99 ,brilliant roller ,great for high banking too ,bag it comes in is a waste of time imo 🙂

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    Just brought a pair of the maver xls but if you buy the pair you get the platinum pole roller bag which is reasonable quality.

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