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      rob h

        Cut and pasted this from the ‘New forum’ thread as I only got one response:
        I haven’t been on for some time, work, work, work, family problems and my pc went to that scrapyard in the sky along with all my email, contacts, favourites etc. This Vista thingy is quite good though. Anyone who knows me from past whom I might have had contact details for, could you drop me a email so I can pretend to have some friends again.

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          Hi Rob, welcome back.
          Sorry been a bit busy and did not get the email sent.
          Keep in touch, hope to meet up soon.

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          rob h

            Cheers Pete, I can get your email from on here ok coz you are still in red but others are hiding.

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              Hi Rob, no probs, others think that being black they get less spam, makes no difference, they just get less contact between mates…

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                Hello Rob


                We are not worried about spam it’s just we dont want Greenie stalking us :o)

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