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      Targa 31

      Can anyone tell me how to add a caption under my user name. And also is there anything else that can be done , like adding an avatar onto my profile. It all looks a bit…well…basic!

      cheers Targa 31.

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      Corndawg moderator

      When you log in,click on the options up on the left,and in it,you can add something under your screen name,where it says organisation.

      If the Hide organisation box is ticked,it will not show it….

      And yes,it is a basic site…..

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      Targa 31

      Cheers for that. Are there any plans to add the facilitys for pictures or videos?

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      Corndawg moderator

      Not this one……..

      But the total fishing club site,where youu pay to use it,has better facilities,with options to use avatars,post pics,video,etc…..

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      Targa 31

      Sorry about all the questions im a bit of a newbie, Where can this site be found?

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      If you want to get pictures up, you will need to join somewhere like photobucket then paste a link to the picture.

      Unfortunately you might have to look at this ugly lot :o)

      Guernsey Crew

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      ahem, start of this fred felt a bit like a blatant ad for ‘the other site’ ie.

      ‘your cod is bigger than my cod what do you use for bait?’
      ‘yes mine is bigger, thats because I am not using old fashioned baits like you, fresh peeler and lugworm are a bit old hat’
      ‘What are you using then’
      ‘I am glad you asked, I am using a cocktail of Gulp, Ultrasheite, amd lazy lob, it works a treat’
      ‘Wow I’m glad I asked, progressive baits in the future for me, but not blueys cos they really suck’……….
      (get the idea)

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      What? tie a fiver to the hook and cast, on balance just as much chance of catching as blueys but save son petrol cos you don’t have to go to a shop to buy em…..

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      Targa 31

      ??? Iowa, are you on medication???LOL

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