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    What’s the best way to keep bloodworm while fishing and what floats do you recommend to fish in depths from 4 to 7 ft thanks 🙂

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    A Shallow tray of white plastic with some flat lead glued on the base . Pinches of worm at a time taken from your damp newspaper . This will show you the best lively worm or the size of worm you are after . Youcan see them against the white background . The lead is to prevent your expensive prize possession blowing off your tray . The float query is for another post ,or go on the u tube for some serious worm anglers . 🙂

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    the question u ask about floats is virtually unanswerable cos youll get that many different answers youll wished you never asked it.For example i know a 5x world champ who uses a 0.6g in 12ft+ of water and says thats the way but his mate uses 3g in 5ft of water!!!!!!!.all i can say is use a bulk n a few droppers n short hooklengths,when i used to use it i used to thicken my tips up so you could dot the float to a dot and could see it in any background conditions,think about it most of the time you use bloodworm is when the light is bad, no leaves on trees so the background left a bad shadow on the water,winter time,i used to get ridiculed over it said i needed glasses but my team results spoke for themselves

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    The white tray is a no1 must have . Click on KC angling pole floats . Scroll through the range . A float called Carpa Lake a tear drop shape . Something like this to start . .3 .6 .75 and a gram up to 12 feet deep . 2 floats for each depth . Ist set at 1inch overdepth , 2nd 6inch off bottom . These floats are good Stillwater floats anyway and the term bloodworm float generally means thinner bristle But , You have to be practical and be able to see it !!

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    Floats i used to use were Drennan wires but dont know if they still sell em!
    A good guide is 0.1 gram per foot eg-5 foot = 0.5 and so on…………….

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    Yes that shape and with the wire for a bit of stability was a good float on calm days . Think it only comes with carbon stem now . But something else always comes along . 🙂

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    like it has been said you will get so many different people using different floats. i fish a canal with bloodworm and joker a lot over the winder and it is 3-6ft deep down the track. i prefer to use the sensas sa ‘the stainy’ pencil float or the sensas serge in 4×12, 4×14 and 4×16 sizes.

    these floats are failry short in legnth you will find the kc carpa lake mentioned about have a fairly long stem but i prefer the shorter stem floats as they tend to cock faster.

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