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    Off to Boddies next Thursday. We have the early pegs and the dam wall. Hows it fishing?

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    Got match there on Sunday(dam wall) will let u know what works

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    Cheers mate

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    Any news anyone

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    Hi mate, long range method feeder from 75yards up to 100 when they will back of. Orange wafter was the only bait I could catch on, fished with big hybrid feeder and 2mm micros soaked in mainline tiger nut liquid. Caught 9 carp for 70lb which won me match(lost 3). Pellet wag and bomb line never worked I drew peg 11 on dam wall. It fished very hard with another match on lake where only 3 fish has bred caught between 15 people. Hope it will helps. Good luck

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    Thanks and well done. Were there blanks on the dam wall?

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    Can I ask what rod & reel set up you were using to cast 75-100 yards ?

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    Reel I’ve used was wychwood riot 65(big pit) and 13ft greys method feeder rod with 5oz tip.6lb main line to 12lb shockleader.

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    Thanks for that mate.

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    . Hows it fishing got match in two week. dam wall.

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