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    Anyone know what’s been winning the matches (methods AND baits)

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    I’ve fished two matches in these numbers in the last week and was in the top six both times with over 100lb (122lb and 108lb).

    The best methods to do is fish the method feeder for the first hour or until it dies. Both times this has been after 90 minutes. Then try a pole and paste line at 7m to see if the carp are there yet if not fish the pellet wag at 20 yards.

    Yesterday , 309lb won the match from peg 86 next to the tree.

    Good luck,


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    Thanks Mark , what were you catching on – on the method .

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    fished it a few weeks ago pole won the match fished on the next pallet down from where you are sitting its still about 5-6ft deep feeding lots of groundbait and pellet with big pellet on the hook

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    Any more info from anyone ??

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    dont forget the baggin waggler

    i used this in my club match and if i had landed everything that i had hooked i would have easily done 200lbs

    as it was i only weighed in 70 odd pound

    worth a try though

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