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    Any help please with a club match on the big lake at Bonehill Mill Fishery seen the web site some good results up to end of August I fish it in 2 weeks time. Cheers.

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    Were on Dales pool if that helps at all
    Any info would be appreciated

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    its very much a pellet venue,they come close in pm matches (margins) can be caught on first shelf (top kit), feed 4mm exp on hook,… silty bottom,re plumb as fish create holes when feeding,lots of fizzing etc..switch to frankie vorn.
    method works,its very shallow,4 feet at best!
    summer its wag/8mm,they will take a bomb 8mm-always a good start,weathered 8mm goes well ( pump some 8mm in a pellet pump)

    this time of year i would bomb-8mm to start,feed short 4mm very few & i mean very few,have a throw away line 11m,feed g/b then go over with exp of corn

    tip is to tie your nets to the side if you want to try short to stop spook off carp.

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    Thanks for the info Pedro much appreciated will post reply after we have fished the match to let you know results, tactics and top 3 pegs.

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    400+ posts and only one bit of info? Not impressed!

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