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    Yo..any body had a match on this venue lately !! a club match there on the 28/ methods and baits poss..depths..usual bumpth thanks lads..

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    Renarc – Try and pick the bones out of this, as I had to.

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    i won a match on their the other week 60lbs in a evening match, i fished paste at 3/4 the way across never fead one single pellet i fead the swim with the paste that i strouk off the hook, the reason i did this was the guy who was on the peg the day befor said that he lost about 15 foul hookers when fishing the paste and he could not understand why but he said he was feeding pellet, and the fish where blowning on the pellet and it was cusing fouled fish so stick to the paste at 3/4 the way across and you will be all rigth, also keep on feeding meat tight over with the catty and leave it untill the last couple of hours and the fish should be their so you can pick off some bouns fish also feed the inside with meat again,
    but if i was fishing the match pellet would be a no no!!!
    hope this helps.

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    Thanks..Dave, excellent advice,I have recently had a lot of success with paste,(5 x match wins)and coincidentally I have also noticed the same re-action on some water’s to the pellet feed,and like yourself have backed off,I tend to use it to kick start a swim,and maybe offer the odd pinch after 2-3 fish ..thanks again for the advice..cheers.

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