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    Has anyone fished this water lately and has any information on how it’s fishing?

    Bait, rigs, methods etc?

    Thanks Mark

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    Hi mark this may be a bit late but if it’s any use to you lol
    If your fishing pole is fish long between 14and 16 meters if your going for the silvers I use sensas crazy bait gold ground bait and make it with boiling water the night before to make it the mix less active start of by cupping in to balls on both lines and fish double red or caster in the hook and loose feed maggot over the top regular ! Also have a rig made up for half depth with a strung bulk to catch on the drop and shallow up if bites are hard to hit ! You may get the bigger skimmers that may have backed of to your 16 meter line that line has normally come good for me late on in the session it’s solid with fish mate plenty of silvers to go at and if you going for carp try bomb and popped up bread between 12″ and 24″ hope this helps hopefully am not to late haha

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