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    Who mends or can put a new eye on a rod section?
    I want to find someone who can do a quality job not a quick fix.
    Does Scott do them at Esselle Pole Repairs?
    Any info would be great, thanks.

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    Where are you i know a chap in the Wigan area who is good.

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    TF_caster rob

    Go see Eric at Terry Eustace’s shop on Chester road.

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    Shark – I’m Sedgley, West Midlands – Wigan’s a bit far, but thanks for the info.
    Rob – As knowlegable as ever! I take it you mean Chester Rd, Brum? I’ll check that out.
    Guzzunda – I have been frequenting Fosters lately, so this could be the answer.

    Anyway, thanks alot for the replies – great info, thanks alot to all.

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    TF_caster rob

    Yes mate.

    Shop’s called “Birmingham Angling Centre”, if you phone and make sure it’s not his day off he’ll probably do one ring while you wait.

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    Ok Rob, i’ll take it into work tomorrow and give them a call from there.
    Really good info, so thanks again for that. It’s my 13′ favorite Drennan river rod so it’s imperative that it’s mended! For your info Rob, The Severn at Stourport is fishing its nuts off for Roach. If you want to know where, just get in touch.
    Cheers, Paddy.

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    TF_caster rob

    Thanks Paddy.

    Just bear in mind that Friday & Saturday are the busiest days of the week for most shops.

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    if you have a problem. drop the rod off at stevens tackle in cradley heath, I do the repairs for them. ususally takes a week. from me picking the rods up, mal stories in halseowen also do repairs

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    Stav, that would be even handier for me mate – remember selling the Midland Angler Mags? Tesco’s? ha ha still got em!
    Are you still fishing with Si out of Storeys? I work in Halesowen, so dropping it off would be real easy, or are you still in Dudley, as i live in Sedgley.
    Let me know matey.

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    pm sent mate

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    pm sent mate

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