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    Another one bites the dust…

    Years ago I had a steadfast one. It lasted me donkeys years and stood up to anything.

    Seems like the ones available now are all utter garbage.

    Do the people that design them and sell us them actually go fishing?

    Anyway, any recommendations? Weight is not an issue. If it’s made from stainless steel and weighs about 100kg, I couldn’t care less, as long as it doesn’t let me down when I want it to do what it was designed for.

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    ive got the matrix brollie its bin good as gold apart from the spike that bent lol ,ive had a few blow inside out lots r garbige these days nuffin is bilt to last

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    I also bought Matrix Space Brolly been excellent sturdy arms throw away the pole though and buy a solid stainless one with worm spike on end forget who makes them but together A1

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    Been using my Argos one for 15 yrs and its still going strong. Not 100% waterproof now but it’s still good enough.

    When i bought it I a put a piece of alloy tubing into the spike to atop it bending and still have/use it today. Also have two long lengths of guide rope which i use to tether it down.

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    The solid brolly bankstick with the power spike end,and t-bar,is marketed by Gardner Tackle,and Dinsmore Tackle,as well as Keenets,and several others.

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    That sounds more like “Scrap Heap Challenge” than a comfortable days fishing……

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    Thanks for the replies gents

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    Well I’ve finally got round to buying a replacement.

    I looked at quiet a few, and it came down to the matrix X3 or the daiwa powerbeam.

    I went for the power beam on the basis that it looked less likely to wrap itself around me in strong winds, because the rods that open out the ribs were longer and would provide a bit more support.

    It was a close thing though. The shorter rods of the matrix mean the centre pole sits closer to you if you’re using a brolly arm.

    Also bought the solid spike. I reckon that’s could make a huge difference to the durability of any brolley

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    Its really heavy but the matrix one is best I’ve seen.

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    It was a hard decision to make.

    TBH, if a manufacturer made a brolly and said ‘this is £200, but it won’t fall to pieces in a breeze, and it won’t rot or rust away”, I’d buy one.

    Weight doesn’t come into it.

    On the very few occasions I use a brolly, I don’t want it to let me down.

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