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    Anybody got a number 10 section (12m ish) section for sale for one of these? Would buy complete pole if price was right.
    Sent mine swimming into 15ft last weekend.

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    It could be your lucky day? Which section is it you want? I have one of these poles kicking around somewhere but one of the bigger sections is cracked & taped up. Think its the 13m (gold lettering) section thats damaged. It has 4 or 5 top 3’s with it. Post back if your interested.

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    Its section before main graphics start that I lost. Could have had gold lettering on it once a long time ago. Would be interested in entire pole if you fancy selling.

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    i have a brand new butt section i think…if thats the one u want bell me 07759678774

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    derek u have mail

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