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    17.5m CC 910 XL
    1 x top 4 ( same length as traditional top 5)
    6 x top 3
    1 x cup kit
    2 x dolly butts for 11 and 13 to 17.5 sections
    12 months old in absolutley mint condition

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    chris moorhead

    whats the reason for the sale

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    his cooker has blown up…

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    Chris, the pole is up for sale because it hardly gets used and i mainly use an old shimano pole.
    Bartez..GFY !

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    reelman? where are you based? is the pole still for sale. iknow a guy interested in buying a 2nd 910xl (he already has 1)but he,s based in durham

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    mart, i am based in manchester, The pole is still for sale at present

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    reelman, could you email your to me , as he seemed interested and i’ll get him to call you
    my email is:[email protected]

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    mart4666, have emailed you my contact details. Thanks

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    mart4666, did you receive my contact details ? reelman

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    reelman, yes give your name and no. to my mate,at durham.he runs a tackle shop so its when he gets time. but he seemed interested? martin

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