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    i am considering selling my browning z12 just wounded how much you think it would sell for
    16mtr pole plus 3 half butts pole is 12 months old no cracks or chips few scratches but otherwise in very good condition
    comes with
    10x 4.5mm pullerkits which have been cut back to 5.5mm as found the heavy hollos would not run through the 4.5mm smoothly( all have hollo elastics in)
    2x 3.9mm puller kits
    1×3.9 std kit
    2 x 3.9mm no1s
    3×5.5mm no1s
    these have not been cut back they are what i use on canals
    cup kit with 2 different length number1s
    2 short 3s
    1 power 3
    1spare no4 (which would be a number 5on most poles)
    1 spare no5 with small repair with a carbon wrap

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