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    I sent my comments and guess I wouldn’t get a reply . Does anyone know of a finishing date to their survey . Also how much influence do they have regarding riverside pathways ?

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    The only influence they have is lobbying power in the right ears which is why we need more anglers to join up so we can have a bigger say backed by numbers.
    There will never be a straightforward answer regarding riverside paths as you have a mix of public paths which local authorities are supposed to keep clear and private land where the leasing club and landowner need to agree on works to be carried out and at whos’ expense !

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    Steve, how about offering somebody from the Canal & River Trust a coaching session on a canal down your way, as that’s what I intend to do up here. Maybe then they will see what we have to deal with.

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    sent my comments and they replied with an e-mail asking for me to contribute to the canal trust fund and to help encourage all canal users to benefit especially the non payers walkers, joggers, cyclists, motor cyclists, barges that illegally moor and pay nought, I replied asking to be taken off of there e-mail posting list as everything I had said in the review was totally just disregarded, also gave the reasons why I no longer wanted there automated letters including there automated begging letters. whatever you say will make no difference they have a separate agenda government lead, reduce cycling accidents on roads get them on the canals!!!

    maybe we should become pro-active and get every angler to drop tacks on canal towpaths every time they go fishing that would at least stop the cyclists

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    Thanks for the message Craigh h . Just like moaning about govnt and not voting . Just read Fred’s experience , and I had a feeling it was like he suggests . They may not reply to me I have been known to be a little brusk !! 😀 Best solution. Rent the other bank !!!! ??? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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    TF_caster rob

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