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    Any advise on this fishery would be appreciated. Thanks

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    hi bigfella , fishery has a good mixed bag of silvers , and some big carp . i always find that usual approuch for this time of year is chopped worm caster and maggot will do the job

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    Thanks. What i forgot to say was our match is there in summer. Cheers

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    Big Fella
    Car vale as loads of silvers Rudd, Roach and a lot of tench(some big uns aswell)
    a good head of skimmers and Big carp
    Summer match approach caster at 3m (take plenty and keep feeding) a bit of worm as well Long pole and pellet as it scores well on this venue with crucians and skimmers, If you draw at the top side of the lake there is usually loads of scum in the margins and around 2ft deep fish the margins and dont over do the snap as you dont need to the carp usually hang here and you dont need many ,Ive known 140lb win from these pegs and its not a carp water
    Oh and you cant keep the carp in the keepnet they need weighing individually

    Hope this helps

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    Appreciate all the advice….thanks guys.
    Anyone else feel free to comment

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