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        Leaving down here in Newquay, and wanting to catch a bass from the beach, would appreciate any tips, as I have never tried. Ie baits, rigs etc. Thanks.

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          Keep it simple, 3ft or 4ft snood (hook length) with around a size 2/0 hook.

          This type of rig would do and you wouldn’t need to clip it down for a short cast.

          3oz or 4oz plain or grip lead.

          2 or three Lugworm or a large Ragworm on the hook for bait and chuck it into the surf, somewhere between 30 and 60 yards out, keep away from the surfers.
          You can also use Mackerel or sand eel for bait.

          You will have more fun with a Bass or Carp rod, than a beachcaster.
          Best to hold the rod and keep in contact with the weight, but use a rest if you prefer.

          Evenings or early mornings may be the most productive, possibly on a flooding tide, bringing the fish in looking for food.

          If you want to try and be clever, take a spade and turn patches of sand over in front of an advancing tide, this can act a bit like ground baiting.

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            Thats great Qwambo, many thanks.

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              Can’t remember the name of the beach, but the bay at the end of Ulalia road (Lusty Glaze area) go to the right of the beach towards the rocks, the surfers don’t go there.

              Have a look on Google Earth.

              Be patient as the Bass don’t throw themselves at you, it would be nice to know how you get on.

              A few years back we stayed at a hotel (Rocklands I think) overlooking the bay.

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                Just thought; you might want to emigrate as N£lly is coming down your way next week. LOL

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                  That would be Tolcarne beach,I will let you know how I get on, when I buy some tackle lol.

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                    Is it best on a high tide~?

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                      Skip! Just sent you an email mate. Hope you’re well.

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                        If you don’t mind a short trip, try Daymer Bay opposite side to padstow. Park up, walk about 400 yards to the right up the coast path and shimmy down to the rocks. I went here when I visited Cornwall – and had a really good bass session. Fished flooding tide with long snood and sandeel outfished peeler easily. Oh, and not a lot happened until it started getting dark. Pay a visit to the little tackle shop in Padstow – the chap in there couldn’t have been more helpful and informative if he tried! Really friendly.,151.038163&sspn=0.048627,0.11467&ie=UTF8&ll=50.562475,-4.925448&spn=0.004655,0.014334&t=k&z=17&om=1

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