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    what’s the best catmeat to buy? And what’s the best method of hooking

    Something not really used but at a venue this weekend were it suppose to be the bait !

    Many thanks for any advise

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    Coshida cat meat in gravy from Lidl is the best,to use it you have to use bait needle to put it on hook. Hopes this help. 🙂

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    beef coshida/opticat stuff from lidl, i put a baiting needle through it and pull a size 10 hook right through then push it back in in a slightly different place – not sure i have described that very well but hopefully it makes some sense

    cheers mike strutter

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    The best cat meat is banned cat meat !

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    Is the banned stuff realy better than coshida? :rolleyes:

    Not sure you can still buy coshida anymore Its opticat and Its not the same although still useable and catches carp, I have a couple of tins of the coshida beef might put em on e bay LOL

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