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    The latest issue of ‘Coarse And Match Fishing Monthly’, the free-to-view video magazine, is now available to view on and includes contributions from Will Raison, Andy Bennett, Duncan Charman, Mick Wilkinson, Russ Evans, Mark Pollard, Steve Ringer, Simon Clarke, Lee Kerry and Ian Kitson.


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    I’ve been really looking foward to this as the last videos were fantastic. However all I get is the adverts even when clicking on the videos :confused:

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    Working fine now 😀

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    Well done Gareth, they were great videos! I really enjoyed the barnsley blacks part 3 as there was some funny moments in it as well as great angling 😀

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    Thanks – there are a few glitches but it’s online video and even BBC i-player is glitchy. My advice is if you are getting any problems just referesh. And use Firefox NOT Internet Explorer.

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    TF_Bingo Wings

    Using firefox and refreshing like a mad un still not working, shame was looking forward to this as well 🙁

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    I’ll look into it BW – it’s working for me but I do accept that some people have problems. The first thing I would do is update your Adobe Flash player ( ) – there has been a recent update from Adobe that personally I am having a lot of problems with. Also try it in Google Chrome if you are struggling in Firefox with Adobe… I’ve had no problems with it in Chrome.


    Could anyone else out there let me know if they are having trouble viewing and if so what the issue(s) is/are? Many thanks….

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    Same for me all i get is ad`s ad`s and more ad`s and im running on fire fox.

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    TF_Bingo Wings

    Geeps. The update seems to have done it, worked perfectly. Thanks. Really enjoyed it again. The Airity rods look very nice.

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    In italy Daiwa has a giant range of trout rods made the way of the arity rods shown… these are light rods very similar to coarse fishing rods, and are made for the italian trout commercials…. So I expect daiwa to to expand on this type of rods in the short future… and if i remember correctly they are not as expensive as the one in this video review…
    The best way to describe them is: at lot of other brands are going to have to up their products to have a chance to stay in the game…

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