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        Went to my local supermarket yesterday for some Cod to make Thai fishcakes and when I went to skin it , it had black scales and a white lateral line. Am I right in thinking I have been sold a fillet of Coalfish at Cod prices.
        And before anyone says anything I have had a lot of trips blown off this year which is why I am buying Cod.
        I wonder if they are flogging Coalfish to protect the Cod?

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          Sounds like a Coalie. My local (Redhill)Sainsbury’s is currently selling fillets of both Pollock and Coalies. Coalies flesh tends to have a pinky-brown tint.

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            I have the skin and wrapper in the freezer, tried to get the Trading standards office but they were shut ,if I cant get them tomorrow I will go back to Morrisons and have words.

            Still it did not affect the fish cakes so next time I do them I will get Colie or Pollock and save some money.

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              Bloke I used to fish with swore by coalies for fish cakes. RIP.

              Story goes they were fishing for bass when his fishing partner snapped off a coalie about 15lb. He dreaded to think about the amount of fishcakes he could have made.

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              TF_Leon Roskilly

                Watch out for Pacific cod, a close relative of the Atlantic cod but with a different flavour (not nearly as good IMO).

                That is often being sold as simply ‘Cod Fillets’ until you examine the label more closely.

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                  Be Really careful if Blue skin, lots of bones and tastes like carp……

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