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    Maybe people already know but have a Rive box but a lot of old Preston attachments for their box.
    I was going to buy pole roost but very expensive had an old Preston one so drilled the rivet out of the clamp that fits on the end of the arm and remove it if you buy the rive attachment with square end the two sizes are similar but won’t quite fit.
    If you one the end up with a file or cordless drill with bit in little at a time you can get a perfect fit add a drop of glue or silicone and it’s never coming off.
    Therefore if you have a shed load of Preston attachments just convert them to Rive.
    If this has been dealt with before apologies but I’m now one better off angler.

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    Just converted a load of accessories including the new preston feeder arm and fitted rive d36 knuckles drilled out the old ones and riveted the bigger ones in.

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    Rive do a D36 and D25 adaptor to octoplus for about £6.
    If you have any old octoplus legs etc around you can simply saw them into 4 inch lengths and tap a thread into the hollow in them as short keepnet.or rod rest adaptors very easily, 3/8 BSF.
    The extrusion is hollow so you don’t even need to drill them.

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