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    Cormorant problem under control Arrow Valley Lake Redditch.
    Fishing improved in last 6 weeks with small pockets of skimmers and bigger bream showing.
    The lake is been policed morning and night, and cormorant problem has been reduced by 90%. Has for this time last year September, the roost was 31 cormorants.
    Have your say on the matter.

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    Are Cormorants a protected species in the UK ?
    Can a manager of a private commercial fishery apply for a cull on their waters ?
    Is Arrow valley owned by someone private or rented by a club ?

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    Hi m8
    Cormorants are protected, and private fishers can apply for a licence cull.
    But only 4 cormorants can be shot, it’s a piss take.

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    Shoot as many of them out of the sky as possible, but very quietly. Always best to keep cormorant control on public or private waters under wraps. You really don’t want to make a noise about it.
    We all know the devastating effects these SEA birds have on inland waterways fishery stocks.
    On our club water we have a man who shoots them on a regular basis. The fishery has gone from strength to strength since we employed this tactic with this years fishing being truly exceptional.
    For those who value the protection of wildlife in the sky above the diverse and truly wonderful environment below the surface of this countries lakes and rivers, let them lobby the EU fisheries department in Brussels on over fishing in the North Sea, Mediterranean, Atlantic where these birds should be finding there natural food source; not interfere with UK anglers protecting the environment and sport they cherish..

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    unfortunately they were put on the proteected list by mistake instead of another rarer cormorant,why they have never been taken off i dont know.probably down to the rspb ,who dont like people killing birds unless it suits them ie culling the ruddy duck because it was interbreeding with the spanish white duck, double standards.

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    I would have thought that the fact Arrow Valley is a Public Park with a footpath system running through it makes the shooting or laying of poisons to control the situation rather difficult.

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    who made this incredible statement ? 😎 :rolleyes:

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    Mr newall, I wondered when you going to have your say, so get your
    money out you tight B*****D and fish the open on the 25 October.
    It’s fishing well for skimmers and big bream with the right approach 😀
    Look forward to seeing you at the draw, 9.00 club house
    Don’t be shy 😀

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    Not greatly interested in these matches but I wish all those that are a great day . ????? ME tight 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😉

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