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      Cruncher and the Teepot – Today, 23:28
      Well what can i say… he took me to this place that was like a deserted rubbish tip. didnt look like it had been fished for years.Then he parked his car behind a peg and said this is one peg and next door is the other…. which would you like..i can move my car if you insist….so me being clever said yea move it…1 nil to the cruncher reverse physioology so i got the flyer…and he got the numpty peg…..wrong…so it began our 4 hour match his peg was like an aquarium with monster carp that seem to know him they just came to him like pets ,,, i should have twigged then but i didnt….. i feed 2 lines one each side of the bushes that i claimed. a very slow start for me i had a roach he had a chub then some small carp so i was well behind then i had 2 monster slabs the one went 5lb and the other was not far away so then i made the mistake of telling him i was catching him up……well talk about Man u and aldershot..there were pellets flying every where it was like a war zone.more bait went in than i bought last year and of course the inevitable happened he had a lump or 2 or 3 or 4……anyway to cut it short he weighed in 65lb and i sure gave him a run for his money finishing just a little behind him ( if only he would have gave me some info i would have done him no trouble….. there is always next year.…nockout002.jpg…nockout003.jpg…nockout004.jpg

      the pictures dont lie………. joking apart i had a great time Lee thanks mate

      probably the biggest wind up merchant in Birmingham

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