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    when using a dacron connector on hollow or solid latex, what knot do you use to connect to elastic?

    many thanks

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    make a single overhand? knot in the end of the elastic.

    then loop the dacron over itself (as in a loop to loop hooklength knot.

    then insert the pole elastic into the double loop , tighten slowly the dacron down onto just above the knot.

    easy to see in a picture than describe lol

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    when using the hollow/latex elastic, can you use a bead and dacron, and if so how do you put it onto the elastic or isnt it possible?

    Thanks ryan

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    You can use a Korda helicopter bead as these have larger holes than the Nash TT beads. I buy mine off a kid on ebay 6 for £3.25 either TT or Korda beads or a mixture of both, all tied with 30lb dacron with heat sealed knots, really good quality and rapid delivery.

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    kk, thanks i will have to get some of them, can you just simplyt slide over laggy, do a crows foot or something else, put dacron and slide bead over knot? or i was thinking of doing really tiny loop, then just looping dacron over and pulling bead over small loop perhaps?

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    Got to agree with craigm the besr dacron connectors out there, neat, secure and like craig said rapid delivery.(The only ones to buy)

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    Ebay item number 180479885521

    See my feedback,

    That’s my instructions above too~naughty

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