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    what is it with daiwa poles, ive met 2 people now who have said the sections wrk lose , one of them rubs candle wax on the joints the other guy wont use his torny for slapping!!, i mean come on u pay £2000 plus on a pole an it does that :rolleyes: , the finish on the airty way realy nce on the but sections but the normal sections wernt very nce to ship i thault not that inpressed with them realy the joints dont go in very far im convinsed thats y they wrk lose !! ide b gutted if i hooked a big carp an i lost half my pole due to the sections coming apart 😮

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    no comment loooooooooool

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    Horses for courses Tench, thing is look how many Airs / Airitys do you see on the bank,
    you will have to admit no pole keeps there value like a top end Daiwa.

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    TF_Andy morrison

    The worst section I’ve ever had problem with coming apart was a z9 number six…
    Not knocking the pole in any way…. It was a cracking pole

    But it was far worse than any section on the Airity , g20 or airs… I’ve owned.

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    Enough said and thats from a Browning / Daiwa pole owner.

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    Joints coming loose are normally caused by vibration as the pole is ship back and forth across the rollers,and not a fault with the poles themselves.

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    daiwa do hold there value for shore i think the hole vibrashion over the roler is a mif tho, the sections just dont go in far anouth check out the mavers they go in a long way an dont wrk lose my map is the same i can fish paste at 16m all day an ill have to retiten the 13 meter section to the 14.1/2 once, i think daiwa r a very good pole dont get me rong but they could change the joints a bit an do away with this sections coming apart stuff , ivde never felt the balance on them but even if the balance is beta than any other pole i still wouldent buy one due to the sections coming louse prob :rolleyes:

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    Daiwa poles do come apart you have to remember to keep giving them a twist It can be quite tricky when your hands are covered in luncheon meat blubber. I’ve seen anglers put tape on sections

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    I have had it happen with Daiwa, Garbo and Shimano poles I have owned so it’s not unique to any manufacturer…….there is defo a lot to be said for it being slapping or rollers. Don’t have it happen much these days as joins have worn in more but still happens occassionally.

    I wonder if the new Rive rollers with precision bearings alleviate the problem?

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    A minor problem that occurs with nearly if not all pole manufacturers from time to time. Never seen or heard of anybody losing sections on a pole to fish because of sections working loose.

    As for slapping with a top of the range pole. If you really want to wreck £2K+ of kit in a season that’s entirely your call.
    Absolutely no doubt in my mind that the constant axial rolling of the pole along its length will damage the resin/carbon bonds. There will be plenty of anglers using very expensive bananas before long. Best stick to fishing shallow in the traditional way.
    Saw a top of the range Garbolino but section shatter whilst the angler was slapping recently. Angler was devastated of course, price you pay.
    Surprised the manufacturers haven’t started to post warnings – but then more poles sold if anglers abuse them. Good business.

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    interesting reading
    i have had the same problem
    but i feel it was all my fault !!!!!
    yes even i get it wrong sometimes
    when you are actualy slapping by spinning the pole its goes against
    the design of what it was intended to do
    there aint many carp that jump out of the water and spin round at 100 miles an hour
    when you actulay think about what your doing to your pole it makes sense
    as ive said i have had this happen to me but now i buy enough feed pellets
    and most venues near me have banned slapping and tapping
    and to be truthfull it hasnt happened since
    and yes i lost the top 6 section’s of my pole but thatnk goodness i got them back
    i did rather poo poo my self when it happened

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    There is supposed to be carbon technology incorperated in some poles to prevent breakdown of wall structure when slapping,Garbolino advertise this on some of their top range poles.

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    i actualy dont think its a break down of carbon
    if your slapping
    your spinning the pole and when you consider its against the design
    like i said previously
    theres no nut and bolt hold it in place there for the action of the pole section is only to come loose
    UNLESS you ram it that hard into the next section that it carnt possibly move

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    Easy option buy a Tricast!!

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    the Trevor Jeans nosecones alleviate the problem got them in my Spectron, Tourney and Air!

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    Quote “Ide be gutted”…..

    Why just the ide? What about the Rudd?

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    I’d watch your back for old English teacher, they’d be giving you lines and possibly detentions for your awfull spelling and grammar.

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    This issue has been arising over here in Ireland for years, probably due to catching loads of small fish in windy conditions.

    I’ve seen many daiwa top its going a swimming and the 6 and 7 becoming unstuck. Some lads tape their sections up.

    Im not going to turn this thread into a Daiwa v Maver, Sensas, Browning, Shimano etc ( I use maver and like them) but I think teflon joints make life so easy with the constant shipping and i’m sure most manufacturers could address this issue.

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    @spotter1707 wrote:

    Easy option buy a Tricast!!

    I’ve just got shut of my Trilogy Pro 2 as there were stress fractures appearing on the sections after slapping.

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    @tim_d wrote:

    I’d watch your back for old English teacher, they’d be giving you lines and possibly detentions for your awfull spelling and grammar.

    lol my grammer is shocking an spelling 😀

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    @craigm wrote:

    @spotter1707 wrote:

    Easy option buy a Tricast!!

    I’ve just got shut of my Trilogy Pro 2 as there were stress fractures appearing on the sections after slapping.

    that dont sound good m8 i thault the trilogy was spose to b strong as an ox ive slaped hard with my map parabolix sti never had a prob with that pole but im not a reguler slapper 😀

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