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    Help needed locating one please?my dealer spoke to daiwa today while i was in his shop,and they claim ten week wait if ordered today!that must be bol###ks?

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    Could be right as there is a big backlog on the Tournament pros as well

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    FORDY 1

    They doing tourny pro’s at moment, they make all poles in batches, and u may time it wrong and have to wait a while.

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    Try Danson Angling 020 8298 9090
    he is a daiwa premier dealer & mail order specialist.
    Wickford angling, Wickford Essex may have them.
    Good luck, regards Peter.

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    Exeter angling deffo have one in stock as of 30 seconds ago.

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    Good gear sells fast :¬)

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    Saw one at a tackel shop in Northallerton North Yorkshire week or so ago, think it was £900. You can probably find the number on yell.com and give them a ring.

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    Corndawg moderator

    Give Fishing republic a bell…..

    I am sure they will have a few in stock…………

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    Leigh Tackle and Baitm had sum in wen i got mine 2 weeks ago.

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    TF_bagging machine

    There are probably out of stock because they have to keep replacing broken sections and cannot replace them as quick as they break?

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    it’s right was think about having the torny pro and the rep told me that i had to wait a good ten weeks for one,

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    Decided not to get a g8 ,as i had a waggle of the fox match pole,ultra rigid,finish was one of the best i have ever seen,in my opinion you could fish 13m to hand it is that light!

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    which fox pole did you look at pleasebud

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    was it the prism by any chance superb pole blows the g8 out of the water

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    YOU guess correct KillerKarp,my local shop had a prism and a new Envoy elite in stock!Elite was collected by the rep as the seems to not many about,so we got the prism out at 14.5m and all of us could not believe how good it was!The finish is amazing and spares are of a good price!

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    I thought the prism was nearly £500 more than the G8?

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    cant fault the G8 had it for a month and have really given it some hammer no problems

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    ebbo whats the price of the prism then.???

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    Maxwell Hung ,Feeder, the g8 is a £970 pole or about that price.Local dealer has the prism for sale at £1500 ,as does every mag in the shops!Do as i did, and tell him after an hour playing with it,you need to take it with you, it is that good! Ask for his lowest price,and when he says £1300,tell him £1200 for cash, he will snap your hand off!

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