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    19th June 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Moat (37 Pegs)

    N Vernon, GainsboroughIsland 63186-2-0 Neil Vernon continued his good form with this win from moat island 63. Neil fished waggler shallow with 8mm pellet for 25 carp

    S Twigg, LeegemOuter 103116-12-0 Steve Twigg fished corn and pellet in the margins for his 15 carp upto 12lb

    C Owen, Doncaster Outer 93112-6-0 Craig Owen fished long pole shallow with pellet for carp and skimmers

    S Stockley, ColmicIsland 56112-0-0

    R Teigh, Handsworth Outer 89109-9-0

    18th June 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft OpenMoat Island (15 Pegs)

    S Taylor, Rotherham68148-12-0 Steve Taylor won this latest Saturday open from moat island 68. Steve fished shallow with banded 6mm pellet for 22 carp to 8lb

    G Wilde, Fishing Republic Barnsley41129-12-0 Geoff Wilde fished corn, pellet and groundbait down the edge for carp to 12lb

    A Whitehouse, Sciunthorpe7126-4-0 Andy Whitehouse also used shallow tactics catching carp at 14m A Oldham, Frenzee 294-9-0

    C Greenside, Dynamite6289-13-0

    17th June 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft AfternoonBridge (21 Pegs)

    S Barraclough, BrowningIsland 14116-14-0

    Steve Barraclough fished shallow with meat and down the edge with groundbait and maggots for 16 carp to 8lb

    A Whitehouse, ScunthorpeIsland 4113-10-0 Andy Whitehouse fished shallow with banded 6mm pellet for 14 carp and a few skimmers

    A Cordall, Bryden ACOuter 1098-15-0 Andy Cordall also used shallow tactics to good effect for his 3rd place finishJ Wilde, ColmicIsland 2681-8-0

    A Sellars, Rand R SportsIsland 179-8-0

    16th June 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft VetsMoat (30 Pegs)

    R Turner, Retford53145-13-0 Reg Turner came out clear winner in this Vets match from outer 53. Reg fished meat and pellet shallow for a steady run of carp to 10lb

    P Schoof, Hallcroft2295-4-0 Paul Schoof fished pva bag with 6 and 8mm pellet for 16 carp into double figures

    A Sellars, R adn R Sports10693-4-0 Andy Sellars fished shallow with waggler and pellet for carp to 10lb

    A Berisford, Leegem1575-15-0 R Holmes, Notts8562-6-0

    14th June 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Moat Island (17 Pegs)

    S Barraclough, Browning6089-8-0 Steve Barraclough fished meat shallow at 13m for amixed bag of skimmers and carp to 9lb

    J Hobson, Sheffield4078-10-0 Jack Hobson fished paste over pellets and hemp at 12m for carp into double figuresK Pacey, Gainsborough2456-4-0

    Ken Pacey fished waggler with pellet for carp to 9lb

    S Twigg, Leegem3757-10-0N Wood, Hallcroft4954-0-0

    13th June 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft VetsBridge Outer (16 Pegs)

    R Teigh, Handsworth18178-13-0 Rich Teigh won this Vets open from outer 18 with a massive 178lb. Rich fished pellet shallow at 14m for 27 carp to 10lb

    S Taylor, Rotherham14105-12-0 Steve Taylor also used shallow tactics to good effect catching carp to 12lb mainly on pellet and meat

    D Whiting, Buttonhole AC3660-10-0 Dave Whiting fished worms and dead maggots for a mixed net of carp and skimmers

    P Schoof, Hallcroft2659-7-0

    M Cooke, Retford3150-2-0

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