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    I’m looking to buy a pair of new match reels. I want front drag double handle with shallow spools.

    I can’t decide between the Diawa TDX and the Shimano Aero Match and I haven’t been able to see them in the flesh side by side.
    Any views and recommendations welcome.


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    “There can be only one”

    Has Shimano for years they just never let you down

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    Why not but 1 of each them

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    The TDX’s are lovely reels. I’m sure Rob wooton was talking about some new and improved aero reels out this year which are about £200.00 ish. I would wait until these come out and have a look at them

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    Thanks for the tip about the new models, I might wait.
    I have had shimano and diawa match reels and been happy with both tbh.
    I would always buy as a pair then it gives me more spool options and the same turn count.

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    Buy one of each then you got two good reels it is really down to your preference, I prefer a mixture of both as neither do the perfect reel to be an allrounder.

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    Buying one of each goes against the whole ethos of being a tackle tart!

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    Crazy to have different reels! Shimano for me but not the aero, had them, was ok but had line spin round behind spool a few times!

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    Shimano have brought out an aero version in lightweight ci4, supposed to be nice but 250 plus squids!
    Both companies make excellent reels, the price point of your preferences is very different though, dAiwa Tdr is ball park same as the aero and would be my choice under 200 quid.

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    @nathanwatson wrote:

    Crazy to have different reels! Shimano for me but not the aero, had them, was ok but had line spin round behind spool a few times!

    Which Shimano would you recommend Nathan?

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    Probably a 20 yr old aero match!!!

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    I like the super gt ra and rbs, only cheap but i never use a drag so owt better is wasted on me!

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    Hi Rutilus
    It would have to be Shimano for me.
    Firstly consider what you need the reels for ?
    For example are you long range tip fishing or method feeder fishing for large carp if so you will need to consider the number of gears and bearings along with the retrieve ratio. I spent around 6 years long range tip fishing for small skimmers and roach and needed to fish at speed by cranking the fish in and was casting large Preston Dutchmaster feeders upto 80 yards. We fished Saturday and Sunday matches for 52 weeks per year weather permitting (no ice).The anglers I fished against either chose to use the Shimano Stradic 4000 FA or the Diawa Certate 4000 personally I used the Shimano as they are around £100 cheaper and to me every bit as good and with regular servicing should last a life time. You see them on ebay second hand and usually go for around £100 each.
    Keep posting
    Keep smiling

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    Thanks kennyb
    I want them to do a bit of everything to be honest, from match fishing to river fishing, float and feeder work.
    I like a good smooth front drag for carp on commercials but still like to back wind for smaller fish.
    Using a pair of Team Diawa Match reels at the moment but looking to upgrade soon.

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    Hi Rutilus, go for shimano reels. I’ve got two shimano’s stradic gtm -rc in size 3000 and 4000, one stradic 4000fa and one aero feeder 4000 and I’m very happy with them all. Read some post on here that line come off the clip with shimano aero match/feeder reels when casting and hit the clip,but I never had this problem and looking foward to buy another one 🙂 Regards Dom

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