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    Just bushed my match top 2 kits with a 5mm external bush ( tip section removed ) does anybody know what size bush I need to make my power kits the same length(ish) when cut back?cheers.

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    5.5mm internal I think and if I was you I’d swap the external on the match kits for internals mate, much better and you want 3.8mm.

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    Cheers mate,sorted myself with some off the malman site…

    Anybody had any problems using black hydro through the match 2?those power kits feel horrible can see me having a few spare at this rate.

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    Used black hydro in the match kits on my Airity without a problem.
    used up to 0.19mm powerline on this set up.
    Any heavier (daft fishing!!) then I use either a big bore or the horrible CTK kits.
    0.21 on this set up.

    Any heavier then the Gmax Power comes out using 0.25mm silk shock.!! Frightening!!!

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    excellent,looks like ill be selling a few power kits to make way for more match tops then!

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    I did the same mate, sold my power tops and use up to a 16 or 18 – 20 Middy solid, no probs. Short 4 is best though if you’ll be fishing deep and need to land fish on more than the top 3. Broke a few long 4s!

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    Good call about the short 4’s.
    Only use them for carping, save long 4’s for the canal (if I ever go!!)

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