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    TF_Andy L

    Hi all
    Has anyone used any of the daiwa generic larger sections I need a number 6 I’ve found some on the fishermans friend website and just wondered if they affect the pole at all I wanted an original section but have been told that daiwa don’t make them anymore

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    TF_Average Al

    I have used them in the smaller sections e.g. 4s & 3s and can,t tell the difference, go for it mate!

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    Andy L I must admit I didn’t know daiwa did generic sections for the spectron in the no 6 section size, I have also just broken a no 6 section clean in half whilst playing a fish a bit gutted as the section is just 13 months old the previous section lasted over 10 years so I’ll now have two sections to get repaired as I didn’t bother with the previous number 6 section! might at last spur me on to get a new pole at long last. I also have an old daiwa 412 pole and the number 6 has a repair so a generic section might sort that one out!

    It might be worth giving Ted carter a ring as I got my number 6 off of him last year.

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    TF_Andy L

    Hi Fred I’ve tried ted carter they said they can no longer get the original sections I found the generic sections on the Fishermans friend website they are £144 about £100 cheaper than the original they maybe fairly new out no one seems to know about them I’m wondering if the pole would feel much different with them

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    Have you got a link to the generic sections mate?

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    TF_Andy L

    They are £140 odd on the Fishermans friend web site

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    I have just ordered one from Oakwood angling and will get in a week or two as I am also getting the number 6 joint repaired, Dave in Oakwood reckons I won’t be able to tell the difference, In fact these generic sections are a boon as they will fit other poles I have a Daiwa 412 in the shed ok but with a repaired number 6 so the generic section should fit that as well, A lot of redundant poles could be pressed back into service, I’ll report back on what the number 6 is like.

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    TF_Andy L

    Nice one Fred

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    I’ll be really interested to see what you think ! If there are as good as other Daiwa generic sections they will be sound

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    TF_Average Al

    Does anyone know exactly what generic sections are available?

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    I was told from no 7 down to no 4, virtually a pole, also if you follow the link it says the same, although the Daiwa 412 is not listed as one of the poles it does have exactly the same sections size as the Spectron apart from the long number four which has the same joint size but is slightly longer needless to say all generic sections will fit both the poles and obviously all top kits are also interchangeable, one thing about daiwa is there supply of spares you cannot fault it who would think I could still get sections to fit after 20 + years and at a very good price. New pole still on hold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    TF_chubby chubber

    hi fred if you decide to get shut off the spectron I could give give it a good home if you decide to sell or know of anybody selling one as I want one for canal work 😉

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    I’ll keep you in mind chubby if I hear of any going, I know one lad who’s got four just in case now that is being greedy!!!

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    TF_chubby chubber

    cheers fred am I right in thinking these are just same top 4s as whiskers torny airtys as it looks like I could get one wth no kits just pole only

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    I think all top fours fit all the current Daiwa range of poles and most of there older poles but again it is always best to check, as some of there really ancient models were made on different mandrels

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    Didn’t you have that 412 in 2000 when we were at the maver clubman final, great piece of kit back then and still odd ones come up on ebay in good condition.

    I was a bit forward thinking and bought two Spectron No 6’s three yrs ago when a mate said he was having difficulty getting one.

    One replaced the original which a moron stood on and crushed beyond repair, only to be break it two weeks later during a match, got it repaired by Esselle Pole Repairs, and used it every week since, never had a problem and landed some lumps with it as well. still have the other unused just in case, The pole is a fair age and been used at least once a week, Got a torney Pro so try not to lump fish with it anymore Just in case.

    Not sure about the price but is the new whisker off the same mandrill this may be another option.

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    If anyone has a spectron number 9 (13m) section, I’d happily buy it off them. I’ve got multiple spares for every section but only 1 number 9 section.

    Still an incredible pole even after 13 years.


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    Mike P I did have the 412 back in 2000 and more than likely used It in the maver clubman final however it seems you have a better memory than me! Mike G a lot of poles with the 13metre section will fit the spectron and I honestly don’t think a large section that far back will affect the performance of the pole. one of the problems with the spectron is that you don’t see many used ones coming up on e-bay!

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    Cheers Fred, I’ve got 3 or 4 sections that will fit, mainly off the whisker, I’m just after one that matches.

    Hopefully someone will be clearing a garage out before Christmas 🙂

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    As I said I would report back on the Daiwa generic sections for the spectron, I have received my generic number 6 section and also got my repaired number 6 section back, the new generic section is now in the pole it has silver triangles like the original speccy the section is an inch longer but I wonder if the pole repairer has trimmed up the broken number 6 that I received back which may be one inch shorter?, weight can’t tell any difference or in the stiffness length maybe one inch longer? The finish is quite shiny on the generic section and I notice on my spectron they seem quite matt but this may be age or usage, my conclusion is that there a steal at £233 for a new number 6 before they were discontinued and a new generic number 6 cost around £170 or cheaper from fisherman’s friend around £142, In fact I would have no hesitation in buying any of the daiwa generic sections even thinking of getting a spare number 5 as backup. Quite impressed with Daiwa for bringing these out.

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