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    Rather than set the ball rolling . This post wants everyone to tell of the horror . That Grey moment when you bust your prize possession . Tell us what happened and estimated cost ??? 😀 😀 😡 🙂 😡 😀 😉 Then I’ll tell mine .

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    About 20 years ago fishing the grand union canal in northampton i shipped my pole through a hedge and into a field and it got trampled to death by a load sheep deprested no suicidal yes i think the pole cost £200 but 20 years ago a lot of money for a postman. lol

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    Shipping behind into hedges can create problems but I wouldn’t want to stur up a scouser .! 😀 😀 😀 Nationals on the Leeds Liverpool canal !!!

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    At Tunnel Barn Farm some years ago Jimmy Meakin turns up with a very nice new Tournament . Right behind us was a bloke pleasure fishing and his son was with him . A Spotty faced teenager who couldn’t sit still . Backwards and forwards ,! ON and on . Up and down the bank just managing to scale Jims 16 mtre Butt Section . Mate you’ll tread on a pole if you don’t sit still says I ! The dad said sweet FA and the kid stared at me daggers . Sure eneough half hour later and a loud crunch .!!! Jim cried out in horror , the dad mumbled something to the son packed up and went past Jim without a sorry or Kiss my ass . He owes you money Jim catch hold of him . He just shook his head and said his sponsor would sort it . Extreme gentleman I thought . 😮 400£ at least ! 😡

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    A few more years ago than I like to remember I bought a DAM Futron 13.7m when they first came available. One week after purchasr fished a match on the Lancaster canal where toe path was level with the surrounding trees.

    Shipping back into the branches for 4 of the 5 hours I stopped looking back, what i didn’t notice was a swing on the main branch the rope (obviously over time) had worn through the branch. The branch failed with 30 minutes of the match left taking my new pole with it, leaving me with half a No4 in hand. Fortunately only the No5 & 6 were also damaged.

    Retrieving the pole from a 20m steep bank, taping the damage was bad enough, cost me the match finishing 2nd by 2oz but it took 16 weeks to get replacements.

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    had a browning ceramic, one year old, and was practising on the trent and Mersey canal for the div 1 national, went through a hedge but the pole fell through the hedge and the thirteen metre section landed on a crash barrier breaking the section! went back to trevs to order a new section was told they don’t make that any more however they would see what they could do!!!!!!!!!! they managed to secure me a section from a 13 metre model (I had the 14.5 metre model no graphics on the 13 metre section) that looked well beat up chips out of the end joint and it a bit dirty as if it had been left in a warehouse for around 10 years wouldn’t accept anything other than the full RRP for it, never bought a browning pole ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or a pole from Trev’s

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    Yes I thought this post would bring back some agony . The first breakage on any new pole I purchase is lifting a no 4 under an open draw ! Many out there know that one . 😡

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    about 6 years ago i was fishing a match on the meridian canal at border fisheries it was a hard day but i was doing well catching quality silvers tight across.i lifted into another bite with 40 minutes to go and was left with half the 14.5mt section of my g10 in my hand and 13 mts of pole floating in the water.could fish the same line for the last 40 minutes and lost the match by about a pound.

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    What only the one G10 in your bag .? :rolleyes:

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    Fishing a team qualifier in Blessington Reservoir near Dublin in 1992. Me 17year old junior with an 11m Sundridge Vitesse (banana) next peg former World Champion the late Bobby Smithers fishing 11m to hand on wind with a spiral titanium and making it look easy.

    1 hour into the match Smithers 20 fish, me no bites. I put up a 8gram pole rig onto my pole and tried to fish 11m to hand. 5 minutes later I was trying to fish 9.5m of my pole out of the lake and I was left holding the butt section and half of my no8 section. Much to the amusement of Bobby. 🙂

    It took me 1 year to get a replacement section for that pole.

    Moral of the story…………. never try and copy a former World Champion. You just end up looking like a twat.

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    From what I hear Bobby Smithers was very , very good . I drawed next to Steve Conroy on a Dutch canal . Tried to fish to hand . Made a right hash of it . Steve fished short line and caught 50/60lbs of bream to my ten and won . About 25yrs ago on the matchman of the year champion of champions . I think it fair to say my pole fishing ???? Crap : 😀 😀

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    Several years ago I was fishing Moorfields Farm in Goole for the first time and there was someone pegged directly behind me, the bloke made some comment about my roller being in wrong place so I moved it to one side – not noticing that my shiny new Shimano Aspire pro No7 had dropped between my seat box and leg SNAP. Heart broken I fished the match with just a top 6. I rang Felindre on the Monday to price up a replacement, the guy on the other end was very nice ” I’m not supposed to do this he says, but I will throw in free delivery on the section” That’s great comes my reply, how much is it then ?? “It will be £749.99 mate, are you paying by credit or debit card ?” F*** *** you cheeky **** comes my reply, I’m not paying that !!

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    fell over backwards with a former seatbox to ‘stop’ a suddenly detached p foot plate falling into 22 foot of water at somerton and crushed sections -7 &8 of my old long discontinued bagging/snags-lilies/river pole plus a few topkits.

    Recently, managed to stick the newer 7/8 sections of the same pole together when d/shipping -despite candle waxing every joint. Got home to find my spare pole’s 7&8 had got superguled together when recently adding a foam cap – made specifically to prevent pole sections from falling into similar deep venues…. :rolleyes: 😡

    A big cheers to Dunno for recently organizing some proper full pole replacements! 🙂

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    @wightangler wrote:

    A big heers to Dunno for recently organizing some proper full pole replacements! 🙂

    Bet you felt a proper Noddy 😀

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    Ken Giles rings me to say I gave the worst display of pole angling a member of the Shakespeare Team should . Someone watched a round of the original Uk champs and dobbed me in . A N0 1 section I put in was made of fibreglass . A carp of around 8lbs tore off and broke it , then the piece slid down the elastic and hit the float . The fish broke me ! A very young quality angler next peg had a right chuckle !!! Mick Vials . Ken gave me a right bollocking 😮 But also loads of pole spares and advise !!! Been practising ever since :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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    A midweek tuck up at Tunnel . Barely worth winning ! 14 metre wide peg and the winds blowing . Sets up my brand new Whisker all Terain . 1.500£ at its peak . NO rollers for me today ! Ime across a heap of jackets and a rod bag . With buckets of water as stops . It started seriously gusting and I looked behind . This shiney almost brand new pole lifts some 3ft off the rod bag and rolls in a figure of eight motion around Micks freshly covered road. Shitty scrapings off the roads . The pole did a full 90 degrees and stopped against a small sapling next to the water .!!! 😮 😮 😮 As I sat there I felt a wave of depression coming over me . Then I started checking for damage . 14mtr OK . 12.5 mtre one small crack .! 1st grey 11mtr section .!! Eight stone chips ! Next section 7 stone chips ! However it got better after that ! They reduced to five then four . I packed up and went home to bed . 😡 😡 😡

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    A few years ago at Docklow, an angler lost a section during a match!

    It was early spring and quite a cold day, but being a brave soul,he stripped off to his pants and waded in.

    He located the section and retrieved it.

    Unfortunately while getting dressed, in putting on his strides, he hopped about a bit and trod on the rescued section.

    A few chuckles had by all!

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    Backerboy I love that . To be honest I was looking to rid the Post cause I think I had depressed myself . What a laugh .., :p :p :p

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    A bloke In Redditch had a tackle shop . Stanwood Aquatics . He would turn up on a Friday night to fish an open on.a Local carp lake . Halfway through he’s complaining and a carp is heading towards the island with his top kit . Next thing ,!! Stans nearly 65 down to his grey jockey wye fronts swimming after it . DURING the match . :p :p :p . After retrieving his top kit and it settled down a bit . Serious pole that Stan for that effort asks I ? How much for atop kit ? 25£ he says !! 😀 😀 😀

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    I was really pleased as I had been given a brand new number 7 section for my MILO 3091 a few years back. I didn’t really need it but it was nice to have a spare.

    I went to put it away in the garage and forgot that I had taken the boards off the garage pit. I fell in and broke the section clean in half. Easy come easy go.

    The pole is long gone but I think I still have the broken section somewhere.

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    Telescope it and put a bit of tape around ! Stronger than ever , but may end up a tad short . 😉

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    you have hit a nerve with this one
    i bought the BROWNING cc995 for 5 grand yes you heard it right £5,000
    i rang my mate peter “come on peter were of fishing with my new pole “
    2 hours later i arrived at the river aire in leeds
    pulled out my new pole peter was envious alright so of we go
    set my rollers up to support my gleaming new pole
    turned my back to start rigging up and sat down on my box
    “hey peter what do you think nice bit of kit mate “
    yeah shouted peter CHRISSSSSSS watch out there a bunch of mountain bikes
    hurtling down the path SMASSSSSSHHHHHH straight into my new pole
    the cyclist just rode off at great speed “the red mist had fallen “
    i chased after them shouting and balling at them one of them turned round
    and give me the finger mad wasnt the word for it
    i ran and ran some more by this time some 1 mile down the towpath i was knackered
    i got back to my peg to find peter on the phone i was in nearly in tears having spent my life savings on this pole
    peter im devastated “DONT WORRY MATE ” I have rang the tackle shop i have bought you the replacements should be here next week mate
    peter you cannot afford that “dont worry mate ive come into few quid from my family”
    thanks peter i said
    i later found out he had spent £1200 quid on the replacements
    boy o boy was i emotinonal “THATS WHAT BEST FRIENDS ARE FOR” he told me
    we are life long friends and very special friends at that 30 years of fishing togther
    and the best thing is he has never asked for a penny back although i did re pay him some 12 months later

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    Matchace it’s a good job you couldn’t catch them . 5,000£ 😮 😮 😮 That must have been something . You had the red mist because there was someone to blame mine was the grey type because I felt silly . Your MATE Peter is some skin !!!! What a friend indeed , and your bang on for paying him back . This post ,! Unfortunately has raised some painfull memories. Also a laugh or two . I have two more to tell , but will wait . I think the 5,000£ has shook me up as much as you Matchace . 😮

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    it was at the time the only 17.5 metre pole out there
    champions choice cc995 it was
    was a beautifull pole

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    Haven’t parted with 3,000£ for a car ! Very expensive super special poles come on the market on occasions . Cameron Hughes told me of Rive poles made by Faps of Italy . 5,000£ and beyond anything available just toooo expensive for spares !!! 😮 And a tad brittle . What happened to yours ?

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    On a carp lake and i fed down the edge religiously for nearly 4 hours . Had a go on a line 6 metres out to no avail and draws the rig back and lays it on the grass . When I turned my back I heard a whoosh and a plop and sure eneough my first bite down the edge ! Bloody carp tows 6mtrs to the middle . One or two Brummies took the pee :rolleyes: Next the water gets inside and cocks the pole in the air but it weren’t that deep and just dragged bottom . The carp was still on you could see the elastic working nicely ! Looks like Excaliber and other comments . Few chucks with the bomb rod and I got the lot , carp and all . All I could do was grab the elastic and after all that it broke me . 😡 😡 😡 First out the money and lost the section by 2lbs Still went home with a full pole . !!

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    Marcos who I used to fish with in the USA team once borrowed a new pole off Milo Columbo for practice. It was one of these ridiculously wide and deep and fast flowing venues. Anyway, first time he used it, brand new, he was just getting it out (holding the 12 section) when Mick called out to him. He twizzled around and, one by one, the sections of the pole shot out of the 12 into the deep blue, never to be seen again. OOOOPS.

    How we laughed….

    True story!

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    No Divers Around . ? 😀

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