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    Can anyone help? I’ve got a big match coming up at Decoy Lakes and was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what to do as I will not be able to get up there for a practice?

    We are using the following lakes: Beastie, 6 Island, Horseshoe, Willows, Oak & Yew.

    John Brennan

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    At the moment regulars are using meat on the deck starting of at 2+2 then coming short 2+1 you must come short though thats where the bigger fish are.Hope it helps at mate of mine fishes their regular and hes not usually far of the frame.

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    the above info may not be the case cos at the moment they r spawning n di n john dont allow u to fish so close to the bank

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    Thanks Guys for the info! My match isn’t until 5th June so the fish should have finished spawning by then? Are they using meat on all lakes? What size meat are they using and are they feeding just meat or in conjunction with other baits?

    Do any of the lakes respond to pellet waggler?


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    Can you post how you get on?? Got MMT 2 days after your match.

    Many thanks

    PS, I don’t fish there much but I think horseshoe is about the only lake that responds to pellet wag. Wag is good in beastie in the winter!!

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    We were down from Sheffield last weekend, friday fished Horseshoe and Sunday fished Elm, i won both days on Decoy using Caster.

    What has been mentioned before was correct, we didnt fish there Saturday however Diane didnt allow margin fishing on saturday or sunday however we were allowed Friday. We were told a rod length was the general rule of thumb, however this wont apply come June i would hope.

    Friday had stacks of big F1’s shallow on caster at about 9 meters and then the last 2 hours was a case of bagging close in the side heavy feeding Caster. Truth be told you can catch in the edge ALL day. 188lb. Pellet waggler scores on all lakes (maybe not Elm, Cedar, Oak, Yew the strips so much) however i find it to slow to how quick you can catch in the edge IMO). Same for Beastie tight in with Caster for me, 4 pints each match minimum and a some 6mm feed pellets.

    Six islands maybe more of a case of pellet shallow long, and late on in the sides with meat. the 3 islands are really small in the back arm and sometimes can be worth bomb and pellet and pellet waggler the other 3 are bigger and reachable with the pole. there are 2 pegs in a kind of canal section pegs 17 & 18 or 18 &19 and they can throw up good weights fishing across, i can find 6 islands a little more fussy than the other lakes.

    Willows has always scored to wag and mag for me, chub and F1’s, however there are a lot of very big barbel in so dont discount the maggot feeder, pellet waggler can work on here.

    Oak and Yew are the biggest strip lakes and are really deep straight under your feet, they holder a big stamp of fish and a regular told me all he uses is cat meat in the sides for the lumps, used 3 cans. we fished Elm which is a smaller strip and i caught on caster top 2 and 2 on the deck and on the drop. Meat does work well as mentioned before, im just not good enough to fish it and im forever striking it off! i had 160lb on Elm.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the info Matty! Much appreciated.

    John Brennan

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