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        if diawa stop making the touny pro and produce another top of the range pole were do you get spares for the pro if you break a section they keep spares for 5years i no but on the last year if you break a section and you want to sell it on you got problems ive got a tournament x and cant get a number6 section

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          No6 off a spectron should fit so should 412 I believe there are all done on the same mandrel.

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          TF_Gary K

            The G8 is also made on the same mandrelso you should be OK for a few years.

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              i didnt no that poleangler thanks i will ring diawa tomorrow they should have said when i asked for replacment

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                The number 6 from a Spectron or 410 will fit but will not be as strong as the original X section. The 412 would be the best option as it was a “carpy” type pole.

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                  G8 done on same mandrel as Tournament Pro not spectron/Tournament X.

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                  TF_Gary K

                    And the original question was spare for a pro!!!!!!!!!

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                    YAK A TAK

                      hi mate if you need ne thing go to this web site http://www.fishingspares.co.uk

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