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    Hi all i,m looking for recommendations for the best distance feeder rod for a big chuck at venues such as boddington.Any suggestions? many thanks Tin Tin

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    really over 200 views and no replies, thanks for nothing

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    TF_Baku Blanker

    Now Now put the toys back into your pram ever thought that nobody does distance feeder fishing tackle comes down to personal choice what maybe good for one is not good for another what do you want a sponsored angler to tell you that the company that sponsors him their rods are the best but are they the best for you :confused:

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    Matrix horizon awesome for the money and match it with a Daiwa castiszm.

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    With good quality braid if you can use it on the venue.
    If you can find any of the older Preston Dutch masters, snap em up! There are superb.

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    What braid do you prefer Paddy?

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    Hardy marksman extreme and supero 13 ft and 12 ft

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    Loda, Matrix Submerge is what I’m using at the moment and I like it.

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    Was using Drenan mate which was ok.Have switched to Fireline but used it only once and couldn’t get it to sink very well and had a shocking birds-nest second cast.Have put it on hold till i get chance to have a few hours casting in and out to settle it in.Some of my pals swear by it and get on really well with it so i’ll persevere with it for a while.Failing that i’ll probably switch to Matrix as i’ve only had good reports of it .

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    Yep, it Deffo seems to get better with age and use, don’t you think?
    Someone else also made the same comment to me about the Drennan braid having sinking problems.
    I’ve not used it, but I can say that the Matrix product is fine and did not take long to settle onto the spools.

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    All the Drennan braid I’ve used always weakened over time….to the point where 8lb stuff snapped like cotton within a few months. Best I’ve used was browning feeder braid which is very similar to the feeder tension stuff.
    Andy, I’ve tried various firelines and couldn’t get any of them to sink.
    Currently using the preston braid and it’s not too bad.

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    For extreme distance feeder fishing I use the Tri Cast Legend 5000,
    Coupled with a Shimano Baitrunner and Fireline XRS. I’m not sure if Fireline XRS is still available.

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    The matrix braid is spot on. It only takes a couple of outings and it sinks well. Much better than the Preston stuff which I had used for a while prior to the matrix..

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