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    I’m after a rod capable of launching heavy groundbait feeders at distance for bream.
    Problem is just about all brands have ‘heavy feeder etc’ somewhere in their line up, but i’m after something that is actually designed and built specifically for the job as its going to take quite a bit of stick. Im also using braid, so the rings need to be top quality.

    I know from a previous post that browning have a replacement for the king feeders for 2013 and I can probably wait for one. However as they are as yet untested so to speak could anybody suggest any other specific brands/models?

    all suggestions welcome so i can do a bit of research. Thanks.

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    Shakespeare distance feeder, garbolino super g distance feeder, preston dutch master, preston, 11ft 6inch mini feeder ( for 70 yarders) shimano beastmaster distance feeder shimano force feeder, browning force (yet to be released) feeder browning King feeder all seasons 13ft(proberbly the best) browning king feeder distance 14 ft browning king feeder 15ft, middy 3g x flex heavy feeder the list is endless there are a few dutch and italian jobies around as well, that should get you started

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    as you mentioned braid I should add chinese dyneema braid off of e-bay 300 yards of 8lb in green 0.12 dia for £7.50 postage free is a steal as is the 20lb strain for spodding

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    Arghhhhhhhhhhh too many to choose from :confused:

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    I bought 3 of the king feeder rods for loch ken and with the 14ft rod you will be able to chuck a big feeder as far as you want
    I think I paid about £85 each for them from Askari so they were a real bargin
    I also have a 14ft shimano Aerocast which again is a very good chucking rod but the action does not suit me as well as the Brownings
    Don’t know what the new Brownings will be like but can recommend the king feeders

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    browning force distance rods mate they cast brilliant due to the big rings also they are bringing a black viper range out in feb up to 15 ft lenghts but not seen these yet . have a look at the black magic reels as well for big chucks

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    TF_caster rob

    Normark Fast Feeder.

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    cant beat the king feeder range at the moment

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    have a look at the 13ft sensas distance feeder rod… 😉

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    had a look at the sensas pricier than the garbo and not as good :confused:

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    Daiwa Tourny 13.5ft, forget the other imitation’s this rod makes you feel like you cast to the moon.

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    heard highly recommended and mentioned on a few forums that there’s some dutch bloke and a german company that specializes in long range feeder rods and kit via askari.
    can’t remember the name though!

    (edit. Thanks Perchie those were the ones )

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    Daiwa have some long distance rods coming out soon. As far as Continetal rods try Balzer or Zammatarro.

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    The Garbolino Distance is a God awful rod.

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    Interesting about the Daiwa. I think im going to wait a bit now and see whats available next year as the weathers pretty pants now and i doubt whatever i get will get much use.

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    have a look for a second hand hardy extreme distance feeder slim.light very forgiving action and throws to the horizon .

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    They are available for half price now £206.00 brand new, I was tempted, but was not sure if i should wait.

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    Baitchef I would wait and have a look at the browning force distance feeder bound to be good and will be a lot cheaper :rolleyes: sorry less expensive, the ammount of time that these rods are required to be used ain’t worth a mega investment in my book

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    i had 2 king feeders and used 1 of them once and sold the pair compared to the hardy there like fishing with a scaffold pole,thick blank and heavy.

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    unless carpcruncher can supply me one trade It’l be the browning force distance for me 😀

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    I have PRESTON DUTCH MASTER 14′ 2″
    Maximum distance that i can throw is about 50-60 meters 🙁

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    I use 13, 14 & 15ft King Feeders – great for heavy stuff including rivers in Netherlands and France. I also have 4 Aerocasts which are great rods, loads of strength, good action and slim.

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    have a look at the Matrix Horizon feeder rods, cast a mile 🙂 😀

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    Ps you also need a reel to suit :rolleyes:

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    Couple of mates went to the latest trade show Daiwa have a new 15ft tournament long chuck rod a bit pricey round about the £500 mark i am led to believe.

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