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    Just nipped over from the course forum and will be in Tenby next week.

    Any suggestions where and how to catch a few dogfish from there.

    Obviously fairly limited to tackle with the most extreme being 15lb line and 2.75lb TC carp rods.

    Would love to catch one though!

    Obviously venue advice would also be appreciated as would simple rigs too.

    If I can repay the favour if you are ever course fishing up in the Midlands I will only be too happy to help.



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    Cheers H.A.

    Just waiting for it to filter through BT Connect’s million mile per second communication system Grrrrrrr!


    Thanks again

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    My top tip for catching doggies is to park in the local car parks 🙂 NO I mean just cast a bait, the damn thngs are always there!

    Fish at night, mackerel or squid as bait. Although you will catch them on nearly anything! Soon you’ll be asking how can you avoid them 🙂

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    Don’t go overhooked, thems only tiddlers, 2 to 1/0 should be enough for doggy bashing and you can catch em on 6’s or 8’s
    on black bream rigs…..

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    Just got back having decided to do a ‘recce’ instead. But was surprised by the lack of people fishing especially given the access and reasonable weather when I was down there.

    H.A.: The mail didn’t arrive unfortunately.

    iowa: I’ve done a fair bit of freshwater fishing and 6’s to 8’s I would normally be fishing about 6lb B/S would dogfish bite through that or is it smaller hooks on heavier lines?

    Rods that I thought of taking may be over doing it too.

    I shall be back down there in a few weeks. There were a lot of flatfish about too. Red spotted ones that I would pressume are plaice and smaller ones with odd red dots: dab?

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    Anyone who could post a link for basic sea fishing information/rigs and I won’t bore the pants off you with inane questions! lol

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    Formatted the computer a few weeks ago, so lost lots of links but here’s a couple.


    Remember the whole idea of the forum is to pass on info, so just keep asking :o)

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