drennen matchpro ultralight 13" or im9 finesse 13"

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    Looking to get a new rod for silver fish fishing on lakes in the winter months using .10 + .8 hooklengths toyed between the above rod but don’t no which one to get is there much different between the two apart from price ?

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    Matchpro just brilliant rod

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    Both excellent. The IM9 just allows for quicker & easier storage etc when made up but is almost the same as the Matchpro when assembled.

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    I own both the ultralight14ft, the finesse and an acolyte 14ft i prefer the finesse for fine lines. It may be marginal but one join must lead to a smoother even tip pressure curve leading to less broken very light hooklengths. It’s also easier to carry made up and is a nicer looking blank imo. I would still have the much crisper acolyte ultra over the ultralight having fished with both and just set the clutch to give a little on the strike when using very light lines. I may well sell the ultralight 14ft for £100 as it’s only been used for three sessions and is mint. The cash buyer would have to collect. .

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    Just been offered a im9 finesse classic so might go for it !

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    Just be aware they are two different rods the classic is more powerful and is the sister rod to the finesse.

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