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    Over the years i must of had loads of flasks to take coffee with me, when i fish.
    I have had the old glass and plastic body ones, prior to the metal type ones, then the stainless steel ones.
    Some, well actually most have just been crap at keeping the liquid hot – they never really keep hot for the time that they indicate when you buy them – generally, there’s lot that say 8 hours ish, then some that say 10/12 hours.
    I watched the Gadget Show and they came up with what they said was the best and it was a make called “Challenger” i think – it was great for about 6 months, then it would not stay warm for longer than 1 hour! through it away, got another and that went the same way – why does that happen that they just loose all the heat as soon as you have filled them?
    Scared to buy another new one, as they all seem crap! and they aint cheap either!

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    I have had 2 Thermos Light and Compact 1.0L flasks – £20
    Very good.

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    as paddy says you only get what you pay for and thermos flasks at £20 are definitely the way to go.

    like you i have had many including the stainless steel units and they dont act as well as a good flask by thermos.

    get your money ready……cormorant 😀 😀 😀

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    I struggle with finding large flasks I like to drink plenty of coffee when im fishing mines a bit small, I used to have 1 1.5ltr flask that was ace.

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    I bought a Stanley flask for the winter, very good, I’ve been using the single cup. Of coffee sachets this winter, nescafe 2 in 1 you can get the 3 in 1 if you take sugar, not the best tasting coffee in the world but it means you only put boiling water in your flask, so boiling coffee on the bank.

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    Thermos King flasks are the best keeps coffee proper hot for 12hrs plus.
    2 sizes biggest 1.2l
    £25 at Argos.
    bargain! 😎

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    Thermos King – is that a Stainless jobby?

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    When i dug my pool out in the back garden, i collected 1 litre of Frog spawn in a plastic Thermos Flask from a pool in a wood once – I think every Tadpole turned into a miniature Frog, there were literally hundreds of the critters jumping round the garden for a few weeks! kids loved it!
    There descendants are still in the garden to this day and still breed every year in the same pool.
    I’ve always wanted some Newts in there, but A – you don’t seem to see them these days, and B – I ain’t sure if your supposed to move them about? I know Great Crested are protected, but not sure about the Common variety. They are as rare a hens teeth round these parts compared to when i was a kid, when they were really easy to find. Shame.

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    Stanley flask just the job. My problem is the more I sup the more I pee 🙁

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    The King got a few slatings on the amazon reviews, for losing vacuum and poor fittings and low customer service.

    The thing with any flask keeping things hot is to pre-heat the flask, by pouring boiling water in and leaving to stand for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Then empty and fill with your hot drink.

    Personally I don’t drink milky coffee or tea, but if I did I would heat the milk first before adding to the flask or better still take the milk in aseparate bottle.

    Flasks are a nightmare for longevity and are only as good as the seals and vacuum and how you fill it and treat it.

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    Flasks with a lid you can single finger release to pour a cup of hot drink are invaluable for two reasons;
    First they only allow a small quantity of cold air in hence keeping the remainder hot longer.
    Second you can pour a drink with one hand whilst holding the pole in the other.

    Pre heating with stainless flasks is a good tip too and one I always use.
    I use a small cheap job that holds about 5 small cups only, just right for me.

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    “Flasks are a nightmare for longevity and are only as good as the seals and vacuum and how you fill it and treat it”
    Think that sums it up really Cutnut – even the top named ones cock up at some point and the cheaper ones don’t stay hot as long, coupled with my not looking after them, i must of spent a fortune on the things over the years.
    I’ve seen my next one in Go Outdoors – made by HiGear, stainless jobby, 12 hour hot rating – I’ll give it 8 months at best! lol

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    Try a Zojirushi Thermal Stainless Vaccum Bottle, has a PTFE lining so you can have milky coffee….

    Had mine for best part of 10 years, if i go out in the morning and don’t drink my coffee until I get home it is still drinkable temp 8 or 9 hours later….

    Tuff slims are £20 or £30 but the best est ever flasks made!!

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    you can get a thermos £20 1.5 litre stainless flask from wilko,s and a ten ,yes ten year guarantee, ive even taken mine back after 5 years without a receipt (pin came out of carry handle) ,and they gave me a brand new one.

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    Did you leave the coffee in?

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