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    Due to rising river levels there’s an open on Sunday 9th nov on the Engine Lake . 9 am draw . No carp allowed . But it’s still got lots of bream and roach in . 🙂

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    Still a big head of silvers,more so than the Yachter Imo ,we’ve had some great silvers only matches on there in winters gone by.

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    I think your right about the head of silvers . I fished two or three on there last year . Got 12lbs one match and no good , then got betweenAlfie Hands and ColinHarvey , and got minced . 😀 😀 😀 but I think I know why ! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: 😉

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    The first series we ran going back seven or eight years now the skimmer / bream weights were fantastic,also roach weights would get you a section and sometimes get you in the frame.recent years sport has declined on there don’t know why? Walked a carp match the other week and some decent bream were showing on the wag/ bomb lines.

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    Hi all.

    Where do you meet for the draw?? I’ve never even seen the engine lake but have fished the windmill.

    Where do you park??

    Thanks in advance!

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    Posty drive along the dam wall then turn between the two lakes . Go up between the houses then turn right next to a red old telephone box . There is a car park there . 9 am draw . You need a trolley and it’s a feeder job . Good platforms . Good bunch but a dozen to twenty . Unless ?? The engine lake is on the right as you drive between the two . 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Thanks Paul. I appreciate that.

    If I’m not there by 8.45am I’ve obviously ended up at the pub tonight! 🙂

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    Hi Pete
    Drive up causeway so you have lakes either side of you,500 yards approx is a old style red phone box,just before it there is the car park entrance between the two houses.The entrance has height restriction so drive van in carefully,we have had to stand on back bumpers of transits and vivarios in the past.

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    Sorry did not see Paul,s reply.

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    Thanks for that!

    Hopefully my little van will go under no problems then!!

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    Small vans not a problem .

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    Just for a moment Dendra I thought ??? And then I thought ?? And then I rolled down and saw you’d missed it . :p :p :p

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    Cheers lads…..me and Wayne are coming along for the craic!

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    Bit more notice and I might have fancied this, working Sunday now.

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    Double Time ! :p :p :p

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    hello lads,can anyone tell what weight and tatic won earlswood engine today and if theres any matches next sunday

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    Colin Harvey won 29lbs on open end feeder . Mostly Bream and quality Roach 27lbs 2nd , 23 lbs , 21bs . Every angler got double figures all on feeder but the quality roach caught suggested a pole approach may have been good . ITs fishing great and possibly on again next Sunday . I don’t run them but wii know by Thursday night . You can only really book the lake prior and money up front . Trying to run one in short notice means pegging around pleasure men and carp anglers !!!!! Fellow next to me today caught 13 carp on boilies . Ask again on Thursday night . Flooded rivers lean toward them happening . 🙂

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    good silvers weights,we fished a normal carp match the other week on there and a lot of quality skimmers were caught on the method

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    Had a nice days fishing! Plenty of good roach and a few skimmers caught!
    Not a carp in sight which was nice!

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    TF_brian a

    are there any plans for future matches ?

    Does anyone have a contact phone number ?

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