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    Come this Saturday I am on my 11th riverfest ticket . My last chance .!!! History and experience tells me this . Cries of , you’re right by the yaught club you jammy git , There’s 2 yaught clubs !!! Would be good . The other spot is on the covers . Exactly what the covers mean I don’t know , but I would like to be there . 🙂 🙂 🙂 This week I plan to fall into a field of cows shit , That way I must come out smelling of Roses !!! Bream venues for riverfest are for the seriously lucky . God this week may I get lucky . 😀 😀 😀

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    Good luck for the weekend Paul, I am sure you will give it your all and keep us informed of your bad luck again LOL.
    I wish I had your bad luck then this year 2014 would have been a good one.

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    See you saturday paul. I know sod all about eckington, all i have been told is there is some seriously long walks so my tackle is getting thinned out big time.

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    Hi James you and I don’t agree on everything . I remember you were incensed to find Evesham lost to Eckington . Anyway your right about long walks . Also many years ago there were some stiles to navigate . Kit off trolley and back on again . Doubt if it’s changed . All of it is 12 to 15 Feet deep and I could only imagine Bream on feeder winning all 3 zones . However if it’s as dirty as I think it could be , Bleak may win something . Years ago Chub were as rare as rocking horse shit but if you got one it should be big . When we used to fish winter leagues there , Roach were the target for points . Low double figures Ocasionaly came out , mainly to straight lead tactics . Realisticly 3to4 lbs was always good . We ain’t team fishing and Bream in the 3 to 6 lbs region should win . If it were low and clear some big Perch may have shown amongst the boats above the lock . It was never much good for float fishing but we didn’t pole fish it back in the eighties . Someone with a big flat float or Pole feeder may show us the way . But I doubt it . Last chance Saturday . :rolleyes:

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    Id still rather be at evesham as i can park behind my peg lol, but were not so its time to just get on with it. Im still deciding if i should chuck the pole in or not. Personally, i dont do bleak fishing so whips will be the last thing that goes with me.
    I believe alfie and colin had a few hours near there on tuesday. Was up 18 inches and pushing pretty hard then.

    If we all agreed on everything, life would be very boring.

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    I agree on that , 🙂

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    TF_Bert Brush

    Think it will definatly be a bream match with extra water on,easy to carry one rod on some of those walks.The boats(short walk)or the stump field(long walk)would be good draws imo.
    Saying that with extra water and colour Bream can show anywhere.

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    That must be a first paul.

    Yeah ive been told about the stumps, its been mentioned the weir maybe also in. Where ever that is.

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    At the end of one access , there is a lock . Turn right and go upstream to the moored boats , area called the covers , then on to the sewerage plant on the far bank . This is two fields !!! Turn left at the end of the lane and you can see the weir . Two more fields and you reach the lower yaught club , but if you draw here there is another access . The third access will be the car park over the road bridge and on the left just short of Eckington village . Over the road and head downstream . There is a Railway bridge a field down , followed by the upstream yaught club . Followed , I think by the stump pegs . Me thinks them stumps must now be trees . If you get to the above mentioned sewerage plant ???? You took the wrong access . Take a long rest !! 😀 : 😀 😀

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    TF_Bert Brush

    No trees cause sailing club cut them down,something to do with shielding the wind for their yachts!still plenty of Bream there.
    Long walk down there from Stonebridge car park but could be worth it

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    Well I was 7 pegs away from the stumps.

    2 proper bites, 2 bream. 9lb 10.

    Stump pegs 120lb pmsl.

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    As someone who cheered for Eckington as a venue ? With wonderfull hindsight it was far removed from match fishing . My 20 peg zone was won with one carp!! The middle 20 zone took 1st , 2nd and third in a row . Then the end peg won the bottom 20 . Before anyone cries bitter and twisted ! Well done all that qualified . Fishing aside Colin Harvey runs a match like a well oiled machine . Thanks Colin . furthermore the local club members spent loads of time and effort , raking weed , attempting to gain some slightly better access . ?? Where possible . And free for all of us . Well done all of you . My next post will say what I am thinking . 😉

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