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    Club match at Edwards on Sat..from what I have read,recently..micro pellet feed and 4mm on hook, is this still producing,or can any one advise me on an alternative…ie is paste working,and would a feeder be a posibility !! thanks in antisipation renarc.

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    start on cage feeder or method(hair rigged meat)feed 3 sections on your top kit ,micros,fish 4m,6m or paste and look for 2ft down the edges.

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    Thanks Jeff..you seem to have confirmed what I thought was required..a big thanks mate

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    Col W

    I won’t argue with the man!, but i reacon it depends where you draw.

    If you draw the short bank, which is where all the reeds are, I personally think you could even start in the margins and fish 4mil expaders.

    However, JM, knows the drill far better than me and it may be worth asking for more specific comment in this regard.

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    Col W

    The above comments are dictated somewhat by wind direction too of course.

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    Jeff…when you said about the edge’s,would you use pellet,how far out do I need to send the feeder..and what is the average depth at 6mts for the paste,would you also use micro’s with the paste !!..sorry about the extra questions,thanks..

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    Col W ,you are spot on there mate but just havent the time to do a peg by peg,lol,how you doing mate.
    Renarc ,edges,feed micros and maybe loose feed a few 4m.As for the feeder, i would have a chuck on most pegs especially the ones on the long bank as there is a shallow bar running in line with the island.Depth at
    6mts varies from 3 -7ft,i would
    kinder pot small balls of micros
    and fish 4m,6m expanders on the hook,also i would fish paste on same rig,16s 911 hook.If they are having it on this line you
    can feed a ball of micros every go in but if slow catch as many as you can before feeing again.

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    Thanks Jeff M,the weekends weather looks like it could have an impact on events,nether the less,I’ll keep you advise firmly in mind …thanks again mate.

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    Col W

    Hi Jeff, I’m good thanks – getting peed off with this crap weather though – its worse than fishing in winter in most place i’ve fished lately.

    I keep saying i’m going to have a weekend off the fishing if he weather stays poor, but i never do, you know how it is.

    By the way, am i right in thinking Cudmore do the opens on the pools on sundays and the other lakes on saturdays? Or am i wrong?

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    sat suez,brewsters and either arena or edwards, then sun new pools.

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    Col W

    Thanks mate, thought it was.

    How are you anyway?

    Are you still doing the biz down there?

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