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      Does anyone bother trying protect there elastics with them horseshoe shape plastic things because when I get me top kits half the time theyve already fell out in me holdall

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      try to get some Mosella pole genies , they are a bit more expensive , but they have a small velcro fitting so they stay on the top kit until you take them off

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      The Doobries (think that’s what they’re called) will fall out, but I’ve found that using a small loop of (old) elastic to keep the top kit sections together when folded down prevents the Doobries from dropping out during storage. Stronger elastic is better for this.
      Alternatively, there are several sources of PTFE joint aligners (like an internal bush) to fit the number 2 that mean the elastic protection is unneccessary.

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      I bought them dooberies and used them a couple of times I think if you want to keep your things nice then yeah there a good idea Im too impatient when packing up just throwing stuff away as fast as I can,

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      Why can’t they manufacture telescopic power kits?
      They make telescopic match top twos. That would eliminate the need for droobies or whatever they are called. Simples, or is it?

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      aye stevie but you would damage the elastic by pushing the no 1/2 section down the 3 section for packing away.

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      the half section mick bow? never damaged elastic collapsing no.1 section in to the second but yes i have trapped the lacky more than once.
      if you were saying the top 2. i had in mind keeping the length of the power kits to remain as they are just telescopic rather than take apart.
      when power kits were first made wernt they made visually different so idiots like me didnt get them mixed up? lol.

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      hi I cut a small piece of dowel and screwed it across the top the tube, about an inch or so from the top, then fold top kits put one part down one, side then the other the other side so the elsastic Is over the dowel” alternate top kit so tip is on side of previous thick section never had a problem apart from used mrs wooden spoons for the dowels. Lol. Very easy to identifyI’ elastic by colour

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